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Wall Soundproofing Solution 1

Genie Clip System Direct to Wall

A number of options for part wall soundproofing are available from the very slim line stick on solutions to the thicker and more effective independent stud structures. We are frequently asked if resilient bars or Genie clips can be added direct to a party wall so saving space. In the case of resilient bars this does not seem to work, while Genie clips do seem to work well when attached direct to a solid part wall. We beleive this is due to the much higher level of resileince that is manifest within the Genie clip sturctre, the vibration of sound transmission being absorbed better with rubber than with the metal of resilient bars. In effect the mas of the new soundproofing surface that you are adding is much better isolated than is the case with resilient bars

When soundproofing a wall it is necessary to improve three basic components.

1) The mass of the wall- This is normally achieved by adding acoustic plasterboard. This can be upgraded with SBx boards.
2) The Resilience of the wall- This is the springiness of the wall. Without this, the addition of the mass will have very little impact.
3) The sound "absorbancy" of the wall. By adding different components the sound gets trapped more easily within the wall- The most cost effective method is the use of acoustic mineral wool. Another enhancement is the Tecsound 50 membrane.

The Genie Clip system improves each of these elements. -

Advice on finding a fitter

Diagram of soundstop panels soundproofing cross sectionDiagram of soundstop panels soundproofing cross section



Electrical Sockets

If you are thinking of refitting electrical sockets back into the wall. You might be advised to line your electrical boxes with acoustic putty.



Dry lining your wall to a smooth decorate-able finish

We are often asked what is the final finish and do I need a plasterer? We provide all the materials necessary to achieve a smooth decorate-able finish. Please see video below on dry-lining. The wall you end with will be similar in appearance to the video. We supply the finishing compound that allows you to achieve a smooth wall without plastering. All items are automatically added when you press the blue calculator.



The best results for any soundproofing system are achieved with solid brick party walls. Breeze block walls may suffer from flanking transmission problems so any soundproofing treatments require an assessment of this possible difficulty Flanking Transmission problems.

A note on fireplaces: We are frequently asked whether it is necessary to run wall soundproofing around the chimney breast on a party wall? While there is no definitive answer on this question, we are of the opinion that soundproofing the alcoves either side is usually sufficient. This is because chimneys are typically constructed to be fire and smoke proof and are at least of double brick construction, whereas the walls either side, the alcoves, maybe poorly constructed and of single brick. Of course there are exceptions, but in the majority of cases you can reduce your labour and time considerably by just doing the alcoves. Example results based on typical party wall construction of 100mm brick wall (45-47dB)

So for example after fitting Genie Clips direct to wall your wall could have a 60 dB rating, which is a good level of acoustic privacy. Remember these are average figures across a range of frequencies. In practice all sound proofing works better at higher frequencies. Our solution is designed to be fitted to just your side of the wall. If you can install to the other side (the neighbours side) of the wall you will experience an even greater acoustic privacy. See our case studies

Chart comparing all our wall soundproofing solutions

Room Size Loss Total System Performance* Performance Uplift over existing party wall
Genie Clip direct to wall

Genie Clip Wall (independent)

Genie Clip Wall (independent) + Tecsound 50


Independent Wall Resilient Bar

59 dB
22 dB

Independent Wall Resilient Bar + Tecsound 50


SM20 Panels

Super Slim Wall * ( Estimated figure)

Stud Wall Soundproofing

* Total system performance is an attempt to give the performance based on application to an exsiting plastered single skin brick wall. Improvements are over this basic starting point.

Chart comparing all our Floor soundproofing solutions

Floor Height Gain Total system Performance airborne   Typical Airborne Improvement Typical Impact Improvement

Joist Caps +MuteBoards + AMW60


Acoustic Caps+Tec 50 +AMW60

17dB (21dB*)
18dB (19dB)

SBx Boards + AMW60 (+Tecsound 50*)

22dB (24dB*)
20dB (22dB)
48dB Rw

Absorbalay with mineral wool


Isosonic Mat (+ Tecsound 50*)
Improvement over Laminate floor



3dB (11dB)

*Please note figures stated for total system are based on a a timber joist ceiling floor construction with 200mm joist. The figures are Lab fiures and are Ctr corrected. So are not comparable to regulation E Systems. The improvement figures state improvement over a regular timber floor and plasterboard ceiling.

Chart comparing all our Celing soundproofing solutions

Soundproofing ceiling solution Ceiling Height loss (inc plastb'd) Total System Performance Airborne Rw Airborne sound
Improvement dB Rw
Impact Sound*
(Improvement db Average)
66mm 52 dB Rw   21db+
Genie Clip LB3 28mm 52 dB Rw   21dB 19dB
90mm 49 dB Rw   18db+ 16db
30mm 44 dB Rw   14db+ 13db
~205mm/ 8 inches 59 dB Rw   23db+
*Please note figures stated for total system are based on a a timber joist ceiling floor construction with 200mm joist. The figures are Lab fiures and are Ctr corrected. So are not comparable to regulation E Systems. The improvement figures state improvement over a regular timber floor and plasterboard ceiling.




Just see our case studies to see how effective this solution can be.


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Customer Reviews  
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Shirley and Robert
05 March 2016

1970\'s Semi Detached
1) Outline the problem? "Our problem is a very deaf neighbour, resulting in us suffering, over a long period of time, from having to listen to the sound of high volume TV programmes, loud voices and banging of internal doors etc through the brick party walls of the adjoining property. We used to have to watch the same TV programme as our neighbour as we could view our mute set and listen easily to the sound from next door !!." 2) Ease of fitting "My husband and his brother (both approaching their 70s in age) fitted the recesses of the adjoining wall with resilient bars, acoustic wool and acoustic plasterboard, and the chimney wall with 52mm soundstop panels. The whole job took two days and both men found the materials easy to work with and the instructions easy to follow." 3) The end result, did it cope with the problem what can you hear now? "What an amazing difference this has made!! I can now sit in my own lounge and read a newspaper or watch TV in peace, something I haven't been able to do for over 8 years. We no longer know which programme our neighbours are watching or if they have friends or relatives visiting and we feel so relieved to have our lives back again. Now and again there is a slightly muffled TV sound penetrating through to our side of the wall but this is completely bearable and nothing at all like the mental torture we have suffered previously."

23 October 2015

Easy to fit and worked
1) Outline the problem? "My party wall had just as well not been there. I could hear my neighbours and their children whenever they raised their voice. They didnít need to shout to be heard. The only problem with their television was we couldn \'t see the picture otherwise I could have sold my TV .It was becoming really annoying especially at weekends. We could hear almost everything & I mean everything especially at night !! 2) Ease of fitting? "I fitted the soundproofing , and it really is easy .I even did it on my own without help. I just followed the simple instructions supplied and it really was simple. Even cutting the boards was easy as pie. You would not know it was there. That canít be bad especially as I have only ever attempted simple D.I.Y tasks before." 3) The end result, did it cope with the problem what can you hear now? "The results are outstanding. There is no way Iím letting my neighbour know Iíve put it up because they will probably be even noisier than before. I can only hear their television when they blast it, plus you can hear it louder from outside the house now! Their everyday noise is virtually none existent unless you turn off the TV and put your ear to the wall, even then itís a quiet mumble. Even at night the noise is really, really difficult to hear, you have to try and hear them now!! A brilliant product with brilliant results and easy to fit .Believe me it works!!!"

Gary Albian
11 September 2014

Did the job
1) Outline the problem " We could hear the people next door talking loudly and shouting at each other, it was loud enough to hear above the sound of our TV with the volume turned up." 2) Ease of fitting? "I found it very easy to fit the boards,and could not think of anything to make it easier." 3) The end result, did it cope with the problem what can you hear now? "Now after fitting the boards it has made a dramatic difference it is much better, we can sometimes hear something but it is mainly a distant muffled sound, I would say an 90% improvement and would use the same method again."

29 April 2014

1) Outline the problem? I live next door to a very nice young family, unfortunately they have a nocturnal two year old who kept me awake as well as his harassed parents. I didnt blame anyone, its just normal family life, but I needed to get some sleep at night .I found this web site and as the cost was affordable I decided it was worth a try. 2) Ease of fitting? I had the bedroom room re plastered at the same time as the fitment of the boards to the party wall, the boards were fitted and the room re plastered all in one day and as I had all the materials, the cost was just the days labour. 3) The end result, did it cope with the problem/ what can you hear now? The improvement is immense, I can sometimes hear the family faintly if I am awake, but I am never woken by them now. At the moment I have bought the boards to do the party wall in the living area and in time I am also going to sound stop the other party walls in the house..

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