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Treatment of Echo

A common problem in modern offices and large halls is the problem of echo. Large rooms with hard surfaces often create problems of low reverberation time echo. This manifests itself with rooms filled with noise such that people can't hear what is being said due to residual echo. The solution is quite straight forward. The introduction of a noise absorbing surface, this is achieved with Echosorba II tiles.For prices please click here.
Normally 1 tin of glue will stick three tiles, hence 2.5 tins are required per box.
Typically these tiles are added to the ceiling, typically covering about 2/3 of the surface area.

PLEASE NOTE these tiles are used in reducing Echo WITHIN a room and NOT for soundproofing between rooms.

ECHOSORBA II acoustic panels feature a highly sound absorbent fibreglass core that provides very high noise absorption whilst a white speckled laminated facing enhances the panel's visual aesthetics with a sleek contemporary appearance. The panels have bevel edges contributing to an elegant look allowing unique wall and ceiling designs to be created. Although the panels come in a standard white colour to blend in with most ceilings, they can be emulsion painted to any colour.
Echosorba II sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels are used widely in schools, offices, music studios, lecture theatres, multi purpose halls, interview rooms, training areas and cinemas
ECHOSORBA II sound absorbing panels are available in the white standard colour to match most ceilings, however they can be emulsion painted to any colour with little significant effect on acoustical performance, as can be seen on the test data below The panels can be painted for aesthetic reasons or even in the future to cover over any dirty marks or maybe discolouration from cigarette smoke etc. It is important that the paint is water based matt emulsion and is applied in a very light coat so that the sound absorbing properties are not affected.
Nominal size: 1200 x 600 x 30mm. Nominal weight: 4kg/m2. Dimensional tolerances +/- 3mm.
LIGHT EFFICIENCY ECHOSORBA II acoustic panels provide 78% diffuse light reflectance.
FIRE SAFETY The ECHOSORBA II acoustic panels meet the requirements of Class 1 and Class 0 of BS 476 Part 6 and 7. Class 0 is the highest fire standard required in the Building Regulations.
HUMIDITY RESISTANCE ECHOSORBA II acoustic panels resist up to 93% Relative Humidity at 40�C in accordance with ISO 4611.

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