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Wall Soundproofing Solutions

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All our wall soundproofing solutions aim to transform poor acoustic performance walls. In layman's terms we aim to keep out troublesome neighbour noise. Below is a table that will allow you to compare our various solutions click on any to see more details. On each page is a calculator which will work out what you need to complete the job.

At Soundstop we aim to increase this level of acoustic protection by at least 13-25dB. In a typically poor performing wall where you can hear TV and loud speech easily you would, post soundproofing the wall, find loud speech essentially inaudible and you would only faintly hear music, if at all.
Be aware that there are other products on the market that claim to increase acoustic protection by 35db just by adding a single board to the wall, we believe this is unachievable and would treat such claims with extreme caution.
We also offer a range of solutions starting with a very simple stick on panel to other solutions that will produce in excess of 30db uplift.

Comparison Table

Wall soundprofing solutions

Wondering which wall solution is the best one for you? Click here to view a table that compares all the solutions available to you.

Solution 1

Sound Stop panels - Our most popular wall soundproofing product due to ease of installation and overall cost.

This wall soundproofing solution involves the least amount of room size loss (52mm or 2 inches) is very DIY-able and produces good results (see case studies)

Solution 2

Genie Clip independent stud wall incoporating, acoustic mineral wool slabs, battens acoustic plasterboard wall & optional membrane

If you can afford to lose a little more room size (100mm or 4 inches) This is again relatively straightforward to achieve from a DIY standpoint. The use of genie clips and acoustic mineral wool and 31.5mm of high density acoustic plasterboard achieves very good results in excess of 27db uplift.

Solution 3

Independent stud with acoustic mineral wool, resilient bars and acoustic mineral wool.

Where sound from the neighbouring wall is extreme and the loss of room space is not a major issue we would recommend this solution. A new stud wall ideally using 50mm by 75mm stud work set off the existing wall incorporating acoustic mineral wool within the stud work and a double layer of acoustic plasterboard. This will result in a loss of 150mm in the room size but a gain in acoustic privacy in excess of 22db.

Solution 4

SS20 Panels

SS20 Panels are a premium "stick on product". Where you are looking to gain even more sooundproofing protection with a slim line solution this maybe the product choice for you

Solution 5

Stud Wall Soundproofing

Stud walls are generally built to physically separate two areas with little thought to soundproofing. Our solution will provide an excellent uplift to acoustic privacy.


The science of sound, and what decibel reduction means is not easily explained in a few sentences so for more information please consult our sound glossary which might explain a few more details or look at the case studies page or of course feel free to contact us by phone or email for any issues related to soundproofing walls.

We offer five types of wall soundproofing solution and the result achieved by each needs to be weighed up against the price and the loss of room size. It is also worthwhile thinking about adding acoustic mineral wool (AMW60 100mm) applied directly against the party wall under your floors, and in the ceiling void next to the offending party wall, if you think sound maybe penetrating here as well. Click here to go to the solution comparison table or view individual solutions by clicking on the following table:

A note on fireplaces: We are frequently asked whether it is necessary to run wall soundproofing around the chimney breast on a party wall? While there is no definitive answer on this question, we are of the opinion that soundproofing the alcoves either side is usually sufficient. This is because chimneys are typically constructed to be fire and smoke proof and are at least of double brick construction, whereas the walls either side, the alcoves, maybe poorly constructed and of single brick. Of course there are exceptions, but in the majority of cases you can reduce your labour and time considerably by just doing the alcoves.

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