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Call us on 0208 123 9710 | Email us at

Helping you Soundproof your Home

Welcome to Soundstop - The UK's Soundproofing Specialists

If you are a homeowner, then we're here to give you the advice and materials you need to soundproof your property. And for trade, we are ready to support you giving your customer the best solution to their noise problems.

What do you want to Soundproof?

We can help you soundproof walls, floors and ceilings with our range of soundproofing solutions, alongside improving room acoustics with our sound absorption systems.

Soundproof my Wall

Soundproof my Wall

We offer industry-leading wall soundproofing solutions ranging from slim-line stick-on solutions to independent stud wall systems.

Each solution has a handy calculator that will work out the exact quantities required for your soundproofing project.

Don’t forget to check out our solutions for weak spots like doors and plug sockets. 

Wall Solutions
Soundproof my Floor

Soundproof my Floor

Our floor soundproofing solutions cover a range of requirements, from simple acoustic underlays and high impact flooring to performance leading floating floor and below floor systems. 

They have been specifically designed to deliver the best protection against airborne and impact sound.

Check out our handy solution calculators to fine out exactly what you will need for your floor.

Floor Solutions
Soundproof my Ceiling

Soundproof my Ceiling

Our ceiling soundproofing solutions are built to fit your needs, no matter the budget or space limitations. 

The range includes GenieClip, Resilient Bars and Independent Ceiling solutions, all designed to offer maximum soundproofing performance while taking up minimal ceiling space. 

Get the perfect solution today and start enjoying the peace and quiet.

Ceiling Solutions
Sound Absorption

Sound Absorption

Our world-class acoustic panels are designed to absorb echo and reverberation, with a range of solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Enjoy high sound absorption values and fire-rated products with detailed acoustic testing data to back up our superior performance.

Sound Absorption Solutions

Are you a Soundproofing Installer?

With our industry leading soundproofing and acoustic solutions, expert customer support and soundproofing expertise, we can be so much more than just a supplier.

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Shop Soundproofing Products by Partition:

We offer an extensive range of soundproofing products covering most acoustic requirements, which you can browse based on where you intend to use them.

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Shop Acoustic Panels:

Soundproof panels are the staple of most soundproofing projects, here you can browse our ranges of wall, floor, ceiling and sound absorbing panels.

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Shop Acoustic Underlays, Insulation, Plasterboards & Accessories:

Browse these product ranges to find a wide selection of high performance acoustic products that are essential for any soundproofing project.

We can Help with these Soundproofing Applications:

Our soundproofing products can be used for a wide range of applications other than on buildings so browse these soundproofing applications if you are looking for a more niche requirement.

Film Studios & Sound Stages

Film Studios & Sound Stages

Let us support you on your next studio soundproofing project. From finding the best products and advising on the right approach, to dealing with the logistics and supporting you through the project with expert advice.

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