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Sound Absorption Products

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Welcome to our range of sound absorption products, which can be used in commercial and residential environments to improve the overall acoustics. 

Our range includes sound absorbing panels in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, with the option to have custom designs made as well.

We also have all the brackets, fixings and adhesives needed for installation, and don’t forget to check out our volume discounts to save on your order.

How does Sound Absorption work?

Sound absorption is the process of reducing the amount of sound energy in a given space. It is achieved through the use of specially formulated sound absorbing materials, such as acoustic foam. 

These materials are designed to absorb sound waves based on their porosity, texture, and composition. Sound absorption is used to create a quieter environment in places such as recording studios, gymnasiums, and classrooms. 

The materials used for sound absorption work by reducing the amount of sound energy that reflects off the walls, ceiling, and floor, also known as room echo. This helps to reduce the amount of noise that is heard in the space. 

The sound waves that are absorbed are converted into heat and dissipate. This helps to reduce the overall sound level and creates a more comfortable acoustic environment.

What Benefits will Sound Absorption deliver?

Sound absorption is the process of reducing the sound energy in a given area and this can be very beneficial in many situations. 

For instance, it can help to reduce noise pollution in public spaces, improve the acoustics of a room, and make a more pleasant environment. It can also reduce the amount of energy needed to power sound systems, as sound waves are absorbed rather than reflected back into the environment. 

Furthermore, sound absorption can help to reduce the risk of hearing damage in noisy environments, as the sound energy is absorbed rather than directly impacting an individual’s ears. 

Finally, it can help to improve the quality of sound recordings, as sound waves that are not absorbed will cause interference in recordings.

How do Acoustic Wall panels help?

Acoustic wall panels play a crucial role in enhancing the auditory environment of various indoor spaces, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. These panels are engineered to absorb, diffuse, and manage sound waves, which leads to a significant improvement in the acoustic quality of a space. Here’s how they help:

  • Sound Absorption: Acoustic wall panels are designed to absorb sound waves, preventing them from reflecting off hard surfaces and creating echoes. This absorption is particularly beneficial in environments where clear sound quality is paramount, such as recording studios, home cinemas, and open-plan offices.
  • Echo Reduction: By minimizing sound reflection, these panels effectively reduce echoes, enhancing speech intelligibility and the overall quality of sound within a space. This makes communication more clear and effective, which is crucial in enclosed settings.
  • Noise Reduction: By diminishing the levels of background noise, acoustic panels create quieter environments conducive to work, learning, and relaxation. This reduction in noise pollution is key to maintaining focus and reducing stress in busy or loud environments.
  • Aesthetic Integration: Beyond their acoustic benefits, these panels are designed to blend with or enhance the interior design of any space. Available in various textures, colours, and designs, they can complement a room’s decor while serving their primary acoustic function.

Acoustic wall panels can be utilised in a wide array of environments, from residential spaces to commercial settings like offices, schools, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. This versatility makes them a comprehensive solution for addressing diverse sound management needs.

Acoustic wall panels are a cornerstone of modern soundproofing techniques, providing an effective and aesthetically pleasing way to improve the sound quality of indoor environments. At, our commitment is to offer top-notch acoustic solutions that cater specifically to your needs, ensuring your space is not only visually appealing but also acoustically optimised.

What Considerations to think about when choosing Sound Absorption?

The type of material used, its thickness, its density, the sound frequency to be absorbed, and the environment it is to be used in are all important factors. 

Different materials have different sound absorption properties, so it is important to choose the right material for the application. 

The thickness of the material is also important as it determines how much sound can be absorbed. The density of the material is another factor to consider- higher density materials are more effective at absorbing sound. The sound frequency to be absorbed is also important. 

Different materials absorb different frequencies, so it is important to choose the right material for the right frequency. 

Finally, the environment must also be taken into account. Different environments require different types of sound absorption materials. For example, a large hall may require thicker materials than a small room. 

With all these factors in mind, it is important to choose the right sound absorption material to meet the needs of the application.

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