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EchoPro Baffle - High-performance Acoustic Baffles

  • Highly sound absorbent acoustic baffles

  • Market leading Class A absorbers

  • Multiple panel designs, sizes and colour options

This flexible product will help to significantly enhance the acoustics of any space, whilst the white speckled painted finish on all 6 sides gives a crisp, visually attractive appearance.

For further information, stock availabilty and to place your order, please contact our team.

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Our acoustic ceiling baffles are high performance, hanging baffles, designed to improve room acoustics by reducing reverberation and reflected sound within a space, whilst also adding to the overall aesthetics of the space.

How do Acoustic Baffles work?

Acoustic baffles are an effective and inexpensive way to reduce reverberation and increase sound clarity in a space.

They are suspended vertically from the ceiling, providing maximum exposure to sound and increased surface area to absorb sound waves.

By reducing echo and reverberation within a room, the sound absorption panels lessen unwanted background noise and fatigue for listeners, making ceiling treatments an excellent starting point for reducing reverberation.

Our acoustic baffles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and should be spaced evenly apart in order to maximise sound absorption. The wave design of acoustic baffles helps remove energy from unwanted echo and improve speech intelligibility.

They also provide a unique design element to any space, making them both a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution.

What are the Benefits of Acoustic Baffles?

The benefits of acoustic baffles include improved speech intelligibility and sound clarity within a space, reduced echo and reverberation, and a unique design element to any space.

Acoustic baffles also provide a comfortable and productive environment by reducing unwanted noise and enhancing sound absorption.

Additionally, acoustic baffles are lightweight and easy to install, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of any space.

The Advantages of our Acoustic Baffles:

  • Allows more space on ceiling for services
  • Enables natural light to come through
  • Allows easy access to services located on ceiling
  • Greater area of absorbing material can be used, particularly for high ceilings
  • Can be easily installed on a T-section suspended ceiling grid or
  • individually suspended
  • Can be used where concrete soffit needs to be exposed
  • for thermal reasons
  • Can be painted to suit colour scheme
  • Quickly demountable
  • Height can be easily adjusted
  • Colours can be used to create visually stunning effects

Acoustic Baffles Options

As mentioned, our acoustic baffles come in a variety of designs, sizes and colour options, alongside the option to select certain colours depending on the quantities required.

Baffle Design

We offer two panel designs:

  • Version A: Rectangular design
  • Version B: Wave design

The nominal size of our acoustic baffles are 1200 x 600 x 40mm thick (Manufacturing tolerances are +/- 3.0mm), with a weight of 4kg/m2. We can also provide acoustic baffles in other dimensions but do have minimum order quantities.

The panels are Class 0 fire rated to BS476 Part 6 and Class 1 fire rated to BS476 Part 7.

Baffle Colour Options

The standard EchoPro Baffle surface finish comes in white RAL 9016. However, they can be emulsion spray painted on site to any colour with little significant effect on acoustical performance.

The panels can be painted for aesthetic reasons or even in the future to cover dirty marks. It is important that the paint is a water based matt emulsion and is applied in a very light mist spray coat so that the acoustics are not affected.

The RAL colours below are also available depending on minimum quantities:

Other RAL colours may be available upon request.

The above colours are to be used as a guide (within printing constraints).

What to Consider when choosing Acoustic Baffles?

When choosing acoustic baffles, it is important to consider the size and shape of the room, the amount of sound that needs to be absorbed, and the desired aesthetic.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the acoustic baffles are installed evenly apart at 300mm to maximise sound absorption.

Furthermore, it is important to choose the right material and design to ensure the best sound absorption. Wave designs, for example, can increase surface area and help reduce reverberation.

Lastly, acoustic baffles should be lightweight and easy to install for maximum convenience.

The Acoustic Performance of our Baffles

Our baffles are Class A rated sound absorbing panels that produce the following performance levels:


Here are the main details for this product:

Dimensions: Various sizes & shapes

Thickness: 40mm

Pack Size: 5 Baffles

Weight: 4kg/m2

Density: TBC

Coverage: sqm

Fire rating: Class 0 to BS476: Part 6

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Please contact our team if you have any questions on this product.

Check out our Echo solutions

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Echo Solutions

Instructions for use

Our sound absorbing acoustic baffles are easy to install with the supplied instructions and have two options for installation; wire suspended or suspended ceiling.

Here is a breakdown of each installation method:

Installation Method 1 - Using Wire Suspension

Install the first baffle and check that the installation is satisfactory before proceeding with the rest of the installation.


The suspension kit should be assembled as follows:


Installation Method 2: T-Section Suspended Ceiling Grid

Clean white gloves must be used when handling to avoid marking the baffles. Install the first baffle and check that the installation is satisfactory before proceeding with the rest of the installation. EchoPro Baffle can be installed from a standard 24mm T-Section suspended ceiling grid (supplied by others).


Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Check out our Soundproofing Guides for more information, advice and tips on all aspects of soundproofing.