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Need to Soundproof a Cupboard?

Silence your unwanted cupboard noises 

We have a wide range of products to help you achieve the soundproofing you need, and most can be installed by a good DIYer. 

The Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive membrane is a great option for those looking for a quick and easy way to reduce sound from cupboards. For more comprehensive soundproofing, we recommend our SBx boards, 6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay and Rockwool RW5 Acoustic Wool. 

Our team of experts can provide advice and guidance to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Our Recommended Soundproofing Products:

Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive

Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive

This high performance acoustic membrane is an excellent product for soundproofing a cupboard. It’s easy to use and provides superior sound insulation. 

First, clean the surface of the cupboard to ensure that it is free of dust and debris. Next, measure the surface area of the cupboard and cut the Tecsound 50 to the appropriate size. Peel the backing off the self adhesive and carefully apply it to the cupboard. Make sure to smooth out any creases or wrinkles to ensure a proper seal. Finally, use a roller or a straight edge to firmly press the Tecsound 50 into the cupboard, providing the best soundproofing effect. 

With Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive, your cupboard will be soundproofed in no time!

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SBX Boards

SBX Boards

With SBX Boards, you can easily soundproof a cupboard and create a peaceful and quiet environment.

Firstly, measure the interior dimensions of the cupboard and cut the boards to size. You will need to seal the cut edges using the SBx tape.

Next, use a drill to create the necessary holes, and secure the SBX Boards into the cupboard with screws. Ensure that the SBX Boards are firmly attached to the cupboard and that all gaps and joins are sealed using acoustic sealant. 

This will provide the best soundproofing solution and minimize sound transfer. 

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6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay

6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay

An Acoustic Rubber Underlay is an ideal solution for soundproofing cupboards. It is easy to install as it is supplied in roll form and can be cut to fit any size of cupboard. 

First, measure the inside of the cupboard and cut the underlay to fit the dimensions. Then, place the underlay on the floor of the cupboard and line up the edges so they are flush against the walls. Finally, secure the underlay in place with staples, nails, or glue. This will help to reduce the reverberation and sound transmission within the cupboard, creating a more peaceful and quiet environment. 

With 6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay, you can rest assured that your cupboard is soundproofed for years to come.

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More Cupboard Soundproofing options:

Does cupboard soundproofing make a difference?

Does cupboard soundproofing make a difference?

Most cupboards have no soundproofing, meaning that we can hear the boilers, water storage and other noises from inside. 

Fortunately, soundproofing cupboards is possible and choosing the right one for your noise levels and type is key. Even basic soundproofing can have a big impact, reducing the noise from within the cupboard. Additionally, some soundproofing can also add insulating properties, which is useful during the colder months.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy DIY project, there are some soundproofing materials you can buy and install yourself which can make a drastic difference in the soundproofing of your cupboard.

Other Applications we can Help with:

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