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Looking to Improve Room Acoustics?

Sound Absorbing Solutions

What is the difference between Sound Absorption and Sound Insulation? 

Insulation reduces the amount of outside noise getting in, whereas absorption soaks up noise generated inside. Below you find a simple guide to our range of world-class acoustic panels, that are designed to absorb echo and reverberation, whilst looking as good as they perform.

What's best for you?

Solution Types

Designed and used in both public spaces such schools, offices, hospital and offices, as well as private homes, our Pure-Kustik and EchoPro acoustic panel ranges have been carefully selected to give you the perfect solution, whatever your needs.

Quality Assurances

We use world class sound absorption technology to give you the best performance. Unlike many on the market, all our products are fire-rated, and have detailed acoustic testing data to stand behind their superior performance.

How to choose

Each of our solutions are designed for a specific use case. Think about whether you are putting the acoustic panels on the ceiling, the walls or both. Do they need to blend with other soft furnishings, or do you want contrast?

Our Sound Absorption Solutions:

Pure-Kustik Sound Absorption Solution

Pure-Kustik Sound Absorption Solution

Market leading sound absorption panels

The Pure-Kustik attenuates noise by absorbing sound waves in indoor spaces, and thanks to it’s high sound absorption values, better acoustics are created in rooms where noise reverberation is an issue.

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EchoPro Acoustic Panel Solution

EchoPro Acoustic Panel Solution

Acoustic ceiling & wall panels

These acoustic ceiling panels deliver world class sound absorption and are ideal for walls and ceiling where echo and noise generated in the room is causing a problem.

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EchoPro Premium

EchoPro Premium

High performance acoustic panel solution

These premium sound absorbing acoustic panels can be used on walls and ceiling to greatly control the sound in a room. Coated in a special fabric, they are available in 63 different colours, can be cut into almost any shape or size, and can even be covered in a photo canvas of your own.

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EchoPro Cloud

EchoPro Cloud

Custom shaped acoustic panels

The Cloud are premium acoustic panels that can be supplied in a wide array of colours, and in any shape or size imaginable. Market leading sound absorbing performance, with stylish, eye-catching looks.

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EchoPro Photo

EchoPro Photo

Photo covered acoustic panels

High-quality digital printing meets world-class sound absorption. Combining our Wallsorba acoustic panel and covering it in a photograph or art design of your choice, allows quality sound control disguised as a picture.

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EchoPro Multi

EchoPro Multi

Flexible multipurpose acoustic panels

A flexible product that can be used on walls and ceiling to greatly control the sound in a room. Coated in ecopaint, they provide an attractive way to improve the acoustics of a room.

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EchoPro Baffles

EchoPro Baffles

Highly effective acoustic baffles

This product is an ideal solution for sound control in any room. It can be applied to both walls and ceilings, and is coated with ecopaint for an aesthetically pleasing finish. This flexible product will help to significantly enhance the acoustics of the space.

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How do our Sound Absorption solutions work?

Noise absorption is a crucial way to improve the sound quality in areas where the reverberation of noise is an issue, or where a specific acoustic atmosphere is desired.

Our sound absorptions solutions deliver superior reverberation absorption and echo reduction, while adding a stylish look to any space. Using the latest sound absorption technology, our products ensure optimum performance.

We offer a variety of products, from Pure-Kustik Sound & Echo Absorption Solution to EchoPro Acoustic Panel Solution, EchoPro Premium, EchoPro Cloud, and EchoPro Photo.

We have tailored our solutions to fit a variety of applications – from walls and ceilings, to any other surface. With a wide array of colours and sizes, you can easily find the product that best suits your requirements.

Our products have been tested for fire ratings and have sound evidence to validate their superior performance making them suitable for both public spaces such as schools, offices, and hospitals, as well as private homes.

Through sound absorption, noise generated in the room can be controlled, helping to create a more comfortable and quieter environment. 

What are the Benefits of our Sound Absorption solutions?

Sound absorption is an incredibly useful tool for creating a better environment in a variety of situations. 

It can help reduce noise pollution in public areas, improve the acoustics of rooms, and make them more pleasant to be in. It can also reduce the amount of energy needed to power sound systems, as sound waves are absorbed rather than reflected. 

Moreover, it can help to reduce the risk of hearing damage in noisy environments, by absorbing sound energy rather than directly impacting an individual's ears. 

Finally, this process can also improve the quality of sound recordings, as sound waves that are not absorbed will cause interference in recordings.

We offer industry-leading sound absorption solutions to meet your needs. Our range includes Pure-Kustik and EchoPro acoustic panels, which have been carefully selected to deliver high levels of sound absorption. 

All of our products are fire-rated, and have detailed acoustic testing data to stand behind their superior performance. 

Whether you're looking for wall or ceiling solutions, our range of sound absorption products will help you create a better environment for your specific needs.

What to Consider when choosing a Sound Absorption solution?

When considering sound absorption solutions, there are several key factors to consider such as the type of material used, its thickness, its density, the sound frequency to be absorbed, and the environment it is to be used in. Different materials have different sound absorption properties, so it is essential to select the right material for the application.

The thickness of the material plays a key role in determining how much sound can be absorbed. The density of the material is also an important factor to consider- higher density materials are more effective at sound absorption. Additionally, when choosing a sound absorption material, it is important to consider the sound frequency that needs to be absorbed. Different materials absorb different frequencies, so it is important to choose the right material for the right frequency.

The environment must also be taken into account when selecting a sound absorption solution. Different environments require different types of sound absorption materials. For example, a large hall may require thicker materials than a small room.

Taking all these factors into consideration, it is essential to select the right sound absorption material to meet the needs of the application. With the range of sound absorption solutions available, you can be sure to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Browse our Sound Absorption Product Ranges:

We offer a wide range of sound absorption solutions to meet all soundproofing needs, from residential to commercial and industrial applications, including acoustic panels and systems.

Not sure Where to Begin?

How to Reduce Echo in a Room

How to Reduce Echo in a Room

We truly believe that understanding the basics of sound absorption will ensure your project is a success so check out our guide on reducing room before making any decisions.

It covers areas like the options for reducing echo in rooms, their benefits and how easy installation can be, alongside other key areas of room acoustics. 

If you’re new to soundproofing and room acoustics then we highly recommend reading the guide to get up speed on sound absorption before starting your project.

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