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Call us on 0208 123 9710 | Email us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit a soundproofing system myself?

Yes! Some systems are easier to fit than others so it may depend on your level of experience. We include fitting instructions for all our products, so a quick look will help you decide if you can do it yourself. We can also help you find a fitter if you need one.

How quickly can you deliver my order?

For a full description of our delivery process, please see here.

Will you fit my soundproofing solution for me?

Rather than try and be specialist in both products and installation, we leave the fitting to our partners around the country. You can found out more here.

How much does it cost to soundproof a room?

This very much depends on the room in question, how much space you can afford to lose, and what level of soundproofing you want. For a basic installation for a 2m by 5m wall for example, starts at about £400 for the materials, and probably the same again for installation (unless you do it yourself).

What is your returns policy?

As long as materials are returned to us in good, resalable condition, then we are happy to receive returns for whatever reason - although depending on the item, there may be a re-stocking fee charged by our warehousing partner. For full details please see our terms and conditions here.

Am I better to soundproof the ceiling on the ground floor, or the floor on the level above?

We have systems for both floors and ceilings which give 75% or better sound reduction, so this isn't really a factor in the decision-making process. They cost approximately the same too. If you are doing it as a DIY project, generally floor soundproofing is often easier and quicker than ceiling soundproofing. If you are paying someone to do it, this would equate to floor soundproofing being cheaper in labour than ceiling soundproofing, though this should be checked out of course. The depth of the solution may be a factor: most floor soundproofing solutions will be 15mm or less, whereas ceiling soundproofing systems tend to require more depth (around 66mm is common), so if either room is limited in height this could be important. That said, we have a space-saving ceiling system that takes just 28mm so that would be useful for a basement flat for example.

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