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Get a smooth soundproofed surface ready for decorating

Finishing off your Soundproof Wall or Ceiling

Once you have installed a soundproofing solution, you will want to give that wall or ceiling a good looking finish. Here are our top tips.

The final layer of a Soundstop wall or ceiling solution is a number of taper edged acoustic plasterboards, fixed in place with either an adhesive ( the SM20 wall solution) or drywall screws in the case of systems such as the Genieclip system. Once this final plasterboard layer has been fixed in place, it is ready for finishing, using one of the following methods, listed in order of cost and level of skill required:

Dry Lining

Also known as "taping and jointing". The tapered edges of the plasterboard allow joint tape and finishing compound to be used to smooth over gaps and joins, leaving a smooth and flush finish.

It is a particularly useful method for a DIY approach and in many cases, our Cost Calculators will add these materials, where appropriate, to the shopping basket. The method is very cost effective, the tools required are minimal and easy to source, and the process is relatively simple.

There are plenty of videos online that show the techniques, for example our SM20 Wall Solution page, or: 

Ready Mix Plaster

Applied with a medium pile roller to the entire wall or ceiling, it is simply rolled on and then smoothed over with a medium length spatula or trowel. 

A popular, readily available choice is Knauf ProRoll. Knauf have an installation video online :

Knauf ProRoll is widely available from Builders merchants such as Wickes. It is more work than the dry lining method above, as the ready mix plaster is applied to the whole wall or ceiling area, and the joints will still need taping and filling first, but it can provide a better overall finish than taping and jointing alone, and is still within the realm of "competent DIY-er". As with method 1 above, the tools for it are easily obtained from a DIY store or builders merchants.

Full Plaster Finish

Also known as "skimming" . This is a job generally given to a builder or plasterer, to provide the highest quality finish possible. It is not considered by many to be a "DIY" job as it requires a high level of experience and skill to achieve a really good finish.  If you decide to use a builder to install the soundproofing, their quote should state whether it includes a plastered finish.

The choice of finish depends a number of factors including the appearance required, the time and skill available, and budget.

As ever, if you need some more help choosing which solution is right for you, or some advice, before or during the project, then please contact us on 0208 123 9710 or

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