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Want to Soundproof your Car or Camper Van?

Create a peaceful driving experince

We aim to bring you high performance soundproofing solutions for your car as you deserve a peaceful and comfortable ride.

Our products include the industry leading Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive membrane, 6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay, and Acoustic Putty Pads. Whether you're looking to reduce road noise, engine noise, or both, our solutions can help.

Our Recommended Soundproofing Products:

Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive

Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive

A soundproof self adhesive membrane that is specifically designed to deliver superior sound insulation, whilst being easy to install.

To use it, firstly, clean the surface of the area where it is to be applied. Then, cut the Tecsound 50 membrane to fit the area, allowing extra for overlapping. Peel off the adhesive backing and firmly press the membrane onto the surface. Seal the edges with a sealant to ensure that it is firmly and securely adhered.

We also recommend adding an additional acoustic layer, like our 6mm rubber underlay, to ensure maximum soundproofing. 

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6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay

6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay

An effective and easy solution for soundproofing a car. Begin by cleaning the surface of the car to ensure a smooth, even surface. Measure the area of the car that needs to be soundproofed and cut the rubber underlay to size. Once cut, add a good amount of adhesive and use a roller to ensure it has been securely adhered to the surface. 

You may need to cut around any fixtures or fittings in the car, such as seatbelt anchors or speakers. 

Finish by adding a sealant around the edges of the underlay to ensure it is properly sealed. 

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Acoustic Sealant

Acoustic Sealant

A useful addition to your soundproof project as it can be used to seal edges of acoustic materials and cover those fiddly spots.

First, begin by preparing the sealant tube and ensuring the area is clean and ready for application. Apply the sealant in a smooth and consistent flow, making sure to fully cover the area and ensure that there are no gaps or seams. 

Once the sealant has been applied, let it cure for the recommended time. Lastly, reinstall the interior panels or insulation and enjoy the newly soundproofed car!

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What impact will car soundproofing have?

What impact will car soundproofing have?

Soundproofing a car or camper van can have a significant impact on the comfort and driving experience of a vehicle. Depending on the noise levels and the type of car, the improvement can vary. 

It is important to consider the quality of the vehicle and the type of noise that needs to be stopped. On low end cars, the soundproofing will be more effective and the result will be more impressive than on better soundproofed high end cars. The type of noise to be blocked is also important, such as road noise, engine noise, or outside noise from other vehicles. 

Understanding the type of noise to stop and the quality of the vehicle are key factors in making sure the soundproofing is done correctly and will be effective.

Other Applications we can Help with:

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