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Need help Soundproofing your Boat?

Welcome to the world of boat soundproofing

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality soundproofing solutions for your boat. Whether you are looking for a complete soundproofing solution or just a few pieces to reduce the noise, we have the perfect products for your needs.

Our selection of products includes Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive, 6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay and 1.6mm Vinyl Tile Underlay. Our products are designed to reduce and block unwanted noise, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Our Recommended Soundproofing Products:

Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive

Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive

This self adhesive acoustic membrane is an effective, lightweight, and non-toxic material that can be used to reduce noise levels on a boat. 

To apply begin by cleaning the surface and making sure it is free of dust and dirt. Next, cut the Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive into pieces that are slightly larger than the area you want to soundproof. After that, remove the backing and press firmly to apply the pieces onto the boat's surface. Lastly, use a roller or brush to ensure that there are no air pockets between the Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive and the boat's surface. 

Following these steps will ensure that you have a successful soundproofing job completed on your boat.

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6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay

6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay

Using an acoustic underlay is an effective soundproofing as it helps to reduce noise levels, making your boat a more comfortable and enjoyable environment. 

To use it, start by measuring the area you need to cover and then cut the material to size. Place it on the surface of the boat and secure it with adhesive. For best results, add a second layer of underlay, or a layer of Tecsound Acoustic Membrane, which will help to further reduce noise levels and provide even better soundproofing. T

Finish by adding a sealant around the edges of the underlay to ensure it is properly sealed. 

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Rockwool RW5 Acoustic Wool

Rockwool RW5 Acoustic Wool

Acoustic insulation is a great option for soundproofing a boat. To begin, measure the area you’d like to soundproof and calculate the required amount of Rockwool. Next, fit the Rockwool into the boat’s paneling, taking care to ensure that the desired area is completely covered.

It’s important to use the right tools for the job and the Rockwool is held firmly in place. Once the area is covered, use acoustic sealant to seal the edges of the insulation, ensuring that it will remain in place.

By following these steps, you can effectively soundproof your boat with Rockwool RW5 Acoustic Wool.

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More Boat Soundproofing options:

The impact of boat soundproofing

The impact of boat soundproofing

Soundproofing a sailing or motor boat can have a big impact on the comfort, especially when trying to relax or sleep. 

Depending on the noise levels, the design of the boat and the soundproofing products selected, the improvement can vary. 

Understanding the type of noise to stop, where soundproofing can be applied due to the boat’s design and which is the best product to use are key factors in making sure the soundproofing is done correctly and will be effective.

We would recommend working out what noise you want to stop and where you can access on the boat to apply soundproofing before making a decision on which products to use.

Other Applications we can Help with:

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