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Understanding what you can Achieve

DIY Soundproofing Projects

Looking for a DIY project that will make a big difference to your home?

Soundproofing is an ideal option and below we look at all the potential projects you could consider and the level of DIY skill you need to complete them.

Soundproofing a room can seem to be a complex project. One that you might prefer to get a specialist in to undertake. Whilst for larger solutions that is certainly the case, there are a good number of our solutions that a home DIYer can fit themselves.

Knowing your Skill Level

Skill levels vary of course, but very roughly we would define them as such:

Casual DIYer:

Happy to move furniture and carpets, and do basic jobs, like drill some holes and cut materials but not confident taking on more complex tasks.

Intermediate DIYer:

Willing to take on heavier duty tasks beyond the basics and tackle more skilled jobs, like putting up some drywall and painting.

Expert DIYer:

Can tackle anything, no matter how long and complex, even take down existing walls and floorboards, and replace if necessary.

Projects for the Casual DIYer:

Projects for the Intermediate DIYer:

Projects for the Expert DIYer:

We are here to help

If you have any questions, concerns or need further guidance, then our team of soundproofing experts are always on hand to guide you. With years of experience between them and a wealth of knowledge, they really know soundproofing inside and out.

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