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Soundproofing Underlay Solution

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Floor Soundproofing Underlays

Floor Soundproofing Underlays

- Range of high performance soundproof underlays

- Easy and quick to fit

- Very cost effective solution, superior to foam equivalents in terms of both performance and feel

- Laminate floors, engineered wood floors, luxury vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, carpet, and Lino.

Our range of acoustic underlays are designed to provide the easiest solution to impact sound, no matter the floor covering you are using.

We offer two soundproofing underlay solutions, the 6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay and the GenieMat RST Underlay, which comes in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm options. Both of these products are high quality and cost effective, providing superior performance and feel compared to foam equivalents.

They can be used to reduce impact sound beneath laminates and structural engineered floors, and with the GenieMat RST Underlay, can also be used as a method of improving the impact qualities of any carpeted floor.

Our Underlay Solutions:

Solution: Floor Depth Gain: Total System Performance: Typical Airborne Improvement: Typical Impact Improvement:
Solution:2mm GenieMat RST Floor Depth Gain:2mm Airborne Performance:20 dB Airborne Improvement:NA Typical Impact Improvement:20 dB
Solution:3mm GenieMat RST Floor Depth Gain:3mm System Performance:21 dB Airborne Improvement:NA Impact Improvement:21 dB
Solution:5mm GenieMat RST Floor Depth Gain:5mm System Performance:23 dB Airborne Improvement:NA Impact Improvement:23 dB
Solution:6mm Rubber for All Floors Floor Depth Gain:6mm System Performance:39 dB Airborne Improvement:3 dB Impact Improvement:23 dB
Solution:6mm Rubber for All Floors + Tecsound 50 Upgrade Floor Depth Gain:8mm System Performance:49 dB Airborne Improvement:10 dB Impact Improvement:24 dB
Solution:6mm Rubber for All Floors + Tecsound 70 Upgrade Floor Depth Gain:9.5mm System Performance:51 dB Airborne Improvement:12 dB Impact Improvement:25 dB
Solution:6mm Rubber for All Floors + Tecsound 100 Upgrade Floor Depth Gain:11mm System Performance:52 dB Airborne Improvement:13 dB Impact Improvement:26 dB

Please note figures stated for total system are based on a a timber joist ceiling floor construction with 200mm joist. The figures are Lab figures and are Ctr corrected. So are not comparable to regulation E Systems. The improvement figures state improvement over a regular timber floor and plasterboard ceiling.

What are the Benefits of Acoustic Underlay?

With their great acoustic performance, our acoustic underlays are the ideal solution for reducing impact sound, no matter the flooring you have. 

We are regularly asked by householders about replacing carpet with laminates in their properties. The question is often whether the use of the mat underneath laminates will "be as good as carpet" as often specified in building leases. We are proud to say that when used correctly, our soundproofing underlay solutions will outperform the majority of carpets, providing improved acoustic qualities and internal room acoustics.

How does rubber underlay work?

Rubber underlay is an ideal option for limiting the transmission of sound through floors. It works to reduce noise pollution and make living spaces more tranquil. The rubber underlay is composed of a soft rubber layer positioned between the sub-floor and the flooring material. By absorbing the vibrations created when sound passes through floors, it is an effective soundproofing solution for both residential and commercial settings.

Tackles impact noise

Rubber underlay can be beneficial in reducing impact noise, which is created when people walk, run, or shift furniture. The rubber material absorbs the energy from the impact, thus preventing the sound from travelling down through floors. This is especially helpful in multi-story buildings, where the sound can spread to other floors and disturb the other occupants.

Why choose Rubber Underlay?

Rubber underlays are a popular choice for soundproofing floors, as they provide effective sound insulation and help to reduce noise pollution and impact noise. Not only are they effective, but rubber underlays have quickly become the go-to acoustic underlayment for both professional contractors and homeowners. With its many benefits, it is easy to see why this is the preferred option for soundproofing.

Rubber underlay options:

2mm GenieMat

1.2m x 22.9m Rolls

3mm GenieMat

1.22m x 15.24m Rolls

5mm GenieMat

1.22m x 15.24m Rolls

6mm Rubber

1m x 10m Rolls

The GenieMat RST Underlay

GenieMat RST is a revolutionary acoustic underlayment that offers high level sound reduction for multi-family dwellings, high-rises, and commercial structures.

GenieMat RST is an eco-friendly and dependable option for hard floor surfaces in both concrete and wooden structures. This product, which is made from 94% recycled rubber, is suitable for covering tile, stone, wood, and vinyl floors, and it offers excellent protection against cracking of the base as well as enhanced sound insulation.

The GenieMat RST Underlay has proven to be a great choice for those looking to install laminate flooring while simultaneously dampening the noise that would otherwise be heard by neighbours below. It is an incredibly versatile mat that can be used to insulate a cement subfloor, effectively reducing the amount of impact sound that is produced. In addition to its great sound-proofing capabilities, the GenieMat RST Underlay is also an incredibly cost-effective option compared to other impact mats on the market.

Mats made from materials that effectively restrict moisture transfer are the ideal choice for any flooring application, as they provide superior protection from shock, impact and vibration, while also reducing the risk of mould and mildew growth and protecting your flooring.

Installation of Geniemat RST is simple and can be dry-laid onto floorboards or glued with GenieMat Adhesive, for more detailed instructions, check out the GenieMat RST Simple Installation Manual and GenieMat RST Technical Installation Manual.

Product application

Our underlays are a high quality and cost effective method of reducing impact sound beneath laminates and structural engineered floors. 

They can also be used as a method of improving the impact qualities of any carpeted floor acting as an impact resisting layer to go under existing carpet underlay. This versatile product can also be laid under screed to isolate a cement sub floor, so reducing the impact sound associated with solid cement floors.

For more detailed installation instructions view the Isosonic Mat Instructions, or the GenieMat RST Simple Installation Manual.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the installer/builder, not, to ensure all building and fire regulations are met, and that the construction itself is appropriate for the building and situation. can advise and give instruction on installation but hold no liability for the application itself.

Using an Under Floor Heating System?

You will need to ensure that all the soundproofing products are suitable for use with your specific system as performance differs between them. Our 6mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay has a thermal conductivity figure of 0.12 W/mK, please check it’s ok for use with your specific Under Floor Heating system before proceeding.

Adding airborne soundproofing using Tecsound

When used in conjunction with our Tecsound 50, 70 or 100 acoustic membrane the combination can provide a very meaningful improvement in airborne and impact sound for newly laid laminate and engineered floors. 

Customers wishing for further airborne soundproofing can also add acoustic mineral wool beneath the floors boards. 

Remember that with all underlay rubber mats the improvement quoted is only an impact sound improvement and that they will have very little airborne sound reduction qualities.

Tecsound upgrade

Tecsound 50 is an incredibly efficient acoustic membrane. It is non-sticky, pliable, and enhances the quality of both soundproofing and sound transmission. It is a heavy-density polymer-based sound barrier that provides outstanding sound insulation in various structures. The product is also fireproof and self-extinguishing. Tecsound 50's performance is remarkable, even being as effective as lead of the same weight. An individual layer of Tecsound 50 has an Rw value above 25dB.

More information.....

We are regularly asked by householders about replacing carpet with laminates in their properties. The question is often whether the use of the mat underneath laminates will "be as good as carpet" as often specified in building leases. There is no simple answer to this, as the quality of the original carpet, its underlay and sub-floor all have a bearing on how the original carpeted floor is performing.

Some carpets will perform well, and others badly from an impact sound perspective. Where a poor carpet is in place, the matt and laminate might out perform the existing carpet. The mat truly transforms the acoustic qualities of a laminate floor and improves internal room acoustics as well.

The key difference between this and many other mats on the market is its relative firmness. This means that it is ideal to go under products such as laminates or engineered floors without creating too spongy a feel. It is also very cost effective compared to many other impact mats on offer. It remains the number one choice for those laying laminate floor but wishing to deaden the impact sound they are generating to neighbours below.

In applications where it is laid under laminate floors it also improves the internal room acoustics, softening the general noise levels generated in the room. For this reason it is one of our top sellers as a superior laminate underlay.

If you are also looking to improve the airborne (TV and talking) soundproofing between rooms, (say between two flats) then adding a layer of Tecsound 50 or Tecsound70 is an excellent choice.

Where noise from below is your problem you should be concentrating on getting the maximum airborne uplift you can. Rubber mats vastly improve impact sound reduction (benefitting downstairs neighbours) they are not as good at reducing the sound coming up, hence our recommendation for Tecsound).

The mat has very little thermal resistance so underfloor heating can be present in contact with it either above or below.

Best practice when using underfloor heating is to have a layer of PIR insulation, such as Celotex, at least 20mm thick, then overlaying it with the mat and then the underfloor heating. This will reduce any heat loss downwards.

This is a very simple product to fit. Simply cut to size of the room, where possible avoiding gaps and spaces. The new laminate engineered floor is simply laid over the floor and fitted as normal. If laying this type of floor there is no need to add any further type of underlay. The mat is not normally glued to the sub floor, as it lies in place under its own weight. Where the need to glue is specified then isobond adhesive can be used or any other water based acrylic glue.

Please note that solvent based adhesives should not be used.

Where it is being laid under carpet a carpet underlay should also be added (for comfort).

The mat can be turned up at the perimeter of the room if required to act as an integral flanking band and excess trimmed off. This is normally only necessary where a chipboard floor is being laid over and high traffic is expected.

The total performance which is normally quoted on most sites refers to impact sound only. However, if you are worried about sound rising from below you should only consider the airborne sound number (which is rarely quoted).

We also give an indication of acoustic performance uplift. Remember that every 10dB of performance uplift corresponds to roughly a 50% improvement in the performance of the floor. So 20dB would indicate a 75% Improvement over and above the original floor.

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