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Sound Absorption Panels

Browse our range of Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels

Welcome to our range of acoustic panels, designed for use in commercial and residential environments to reduce sound echo and improve the overall acoustics. 

Our range of sound absorbing panels come in a range of sizes, thicknesses and materials, so you can choose the one that works best for your requirements. We even offer bespoke panels to fit your design requirements.

With our sound absorption range you can create a quieter and more peaceful environment, whilst saving money on your order with our bulk discounts.

How do Sound Absorption panels work?

Sound absorption panels work by trapping and absorbing sound waves. They consist of a porous foam, which has a large number of small air pockets that absorb sound energy. The trapped sound energy is converted to heat energy, which is then released into the surrounding air. 

The sound absorption panels reduce the amount of sound that is reflected back into the room, thus reducing the level of noise. Sound absorption panels are often used in recording studios, concert venues, and other places where noise needs to be controlled.

What Benefits do Sound Absorption panels offer?

Sound absorption panels are a great way to reduce sound reverberation in a room. They work by absorbing sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off of surfaces and bouncing around the room. 

This reduces the amount of background noise in a room, creating a more pleasant atmosphere. Benefits of sound absorption panels include improved acoustics, improved speech intelligibility, and a reduction in echo and reverberation. 

Additionally, sound absorption panels can be used to reduce noise levels for music recording studios, conference rooms, and other spaces in need of sound control. 

Sound absorption panels can also help reduce noise pollution in residential and commercial buildings, as well as in outdoor spaces. 

Overall, sound absorption panels can create a more comfortable and enjoyable environment, while reducing sound levels and improving sound quality.

How do you Install Acoustic Wall panels?

Installing acoustic wall panels is a straightforward process that can dramatically enhance the acoustic quality of your space. The method of installation varies depending on the type of panel you choose, but most can be easily affixed to walls using either glue, screws, or through a suspension system with designated installation kits. Here’s a guide to help you through the installation process:

  • Direct Attachment with Adhesive: For panels that attach directly to the wall, using construction adhesive is a popular and effective method. To start, apply the adhesive either to the back of the panel or the wall itself, depending on the product's instructions (sometimes, adhesive application on both surfaces is required). Then, press the panel firmly against the wall, holding it in place until it securely adheres. This method is prized for its simplicity and the clean aesthetic it offers, as there are no visible fasteners.

  • Securing with Screws: If you prefer using screws for a more permanent installation, first consult the comprehensive installation guidelines provided with your panels. The process typically involves marking the points on the wall where the screws will go, drilling pilot holes, and then securing the panels with screws. This method is particularly suited for heavier panels or where additional security is needed.

  • Self-Adhesive Panels: Some acoustic panels come with a self-adhesive backing, making installation as easy as peel-and-stick. Simply remove the protective layer from the back of the panel and press the panel onto the preselected area of your wall. Ensure the wall surface is clean and dry for the best adherence.

  • Suspension Systems: For panels designed to be suspended, an installation kit is usually provided. These kits include all necessary components (such as cables, hooks, and anchors) and detailed instructions to guide you through the process. Suspended panels are an excellent choice for when you want to enhance the acoustic properties of a space without attaching anything directly to the walls, allowing for more flexibility in design and layout.

We understand the importance of a straightforward installation process. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or planning to hire a professional, our products come with clear instructions to ensure your acoustic panels are installed efficiently and effectively, transforming your space into a serene, sound-managed environment.

What to Consider when choosing Sound Absorption panels?

When choosing sound absorption panels, it is important to consider the size and shape of the space, the level of sound reduction needed, the amount of sound absorption needed, and the aesthetic appeal of the panels. 

It is also important to take into account the type of material the panel is made of, as this can affect the level of sound absorption. Additionally, consider the installation of the panels, as some require special mounting systems or need to be installed in specific areas of the space. 

Furthermore, budget and sustainability should also be taken into consideration when selecting sound absorption panels. Finally, consider the maintenance needs for the panels to ensure they stay in good condition and can continue to provide sound absorption for years to come.

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