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Specialist Soundproof Fitters in Bristol

Bristol Soundproofing

Like any other urban environment, Bristol suffers its fair share of noise problems whether it be from noisy neighbours or from other sources that are part and parcel of city living.

Soundstop are pleased to recommend the services of Nick Gibb at Bristol Soundproofing. 


Nick has had many years experience in the field of soundproofing and noise reduction.

Typically many of the inquiries that come to us at SoundStop also come with the request for someone to fit our products. Nick and his team have worked with the majority of our materials and we feel confident in recommending his services.

With many of the properties in Bristol being Victorian or Georgian they will suffer very similar failings in the party wall construction. This poor sound insulation quality results form the fact that party walls are often just a single brick thick and often the pointing between the bricks is virtually non existent which many of our solutions will easily overcome. In terms of performance we hope for at least a 75% improvement in the sound coming through your party wall. In some cases the reduction will be 100% in other cases where the sound is a deeper bass the reduction will perhaps be a bit less.

We understand that most customers have two main constraints to sound proofing which are likely to be space loss and budget.

In Bristol We have highlighted the most popular treatments for each of these problem areas and the following represent our customers favourite sound insulation solutions. 

Sound Proofing walls

Our most popular solution is the SM20 Solution which is just 45mm thick and a very effective way to soundproof your wall . This can be added to any party wall and even to internal stud walls. If you click on the Sm20 link you will see a handy video and cost calculators for you to see how the material is installed. Noise pollution can be cut by around 80%.

Sound proofing Floors

Many soundproofing websites will insist that you remove all your floor boards and place insulation between the joists. We know for most people this is unrealistic. Other sites suggest a rubber mat might work for noise coming up from below, this we believe will be ineffective. For those wanting to reduce noise from below and the lessen the impact sounds from above, we recommend  the German award winning SBX board coupled with a slim acoustic membrane Tecsound 50. The solution is just 15mm thick and is virtually mess free.

Soundproofing Ceilings

With our ceiling solutions you can either keep the existing or take down and start a fresh, to reduce height loss. With a space loss of less than three inches or 75mm, the Genieclip system offers high performance soundproofing that can be installed by any builder or keen DIYer. We even have a system that can result in no ceiling height loss at all, the Genie clip LB3 system.

So don’t feel like a prisoner in your own home give us a call and we can talk you through the solutions and the site.

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