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EchoPro Ceiling - Acoustic Ceiling Panels

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  • Highly sound absorbent fibreglass core

  • Market leading performance

  • Designed to reduce echo in most applications

Extremely high performance noise absorbers, lightweight and slimline, ideal for most applications, and can adhere to a wide range of wall and ceiling surfaces.

If you are looking for extremely high performance noise absorbers, then the EchoPro Ceiling panels are perfect. Being lightweight and slimline, they are ideal for most applications, and can adhere to a wide range of wall and ceiling surfaces.

Applications for these tiles are wide and varied, and include:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Music Studios
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Multi-Purpose Halls
  • Interview Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Cinemas

And of course they can be used in the domestic environment too - providing incredible results in removing echo from rooms.

Product Application

EchoPro Ceiling acoustic panels feature a highly sound absorbent fibreglass core that provides very high noise absorption whilst a white speckled laminated facing enhances the panel’s visual aesthetics with a sleek contemporary appearance.

The panels have bevel edges contributing to an elegant look allowing unique wall and ceiling designs to be created. Although the panels come in a standard white colour to blend in with most ceilings, they can be emulsion painted to any colour.

Product advantages:

  • Class A and Class C Absorber
  • Saves headroom space because exceptional noise absorption effectiveness is achieved by low (30mm) material thickness.
  • Surfaces can be emulsion painted to any colour without significant loss in noise absorption.
  • Increased safety due to Class 0 fire rating which meets Building Regulations.
  • Cost savings due to fast and easy installation.
  • Lightweight and therefore are ideal for adhering to ceilings, which do not have a very high load bearing capabilities.
  • Meets BB93 standards for school acoustics as well as common areas in flats for Building Regulations.
  • Reinforced edges for increased durability.

EchoPro Ceiling acoustic panels lend themselves for use in a variety of environments as they offer the possibility of creating different configurations giving an attractive appearance often desired in a noise reduction product. The option of butting the panels together or spacing them apart from each other adds to the design possibilities.

Don't forget your EchoGlue Spray Adhesive! 1 can of adhesive per 3 tiles.

Here are the main details for this product:

Dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 30mm

Thickness: 30mm

Pack Size: 8 panels

Weight: 2.9Kg per panel

Density: 4kg/m2

Coverage: 5.76 sqm

Fire rating: Class 1 and Class 0 of BS476 Part 6 and 7

Thermal Conductivity:

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Please contact our team if you have any questions on this product.

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Echo Solutions

Instructions for use


EchoPro Ceiling acoustic panels can be cut to the required size and around any light fittings and other services using a sharp utility knife. This avoids financial costs and lost labour time on site of removing and refitting light units, etc. Any cut edges which are visually exposed can be touched up with matching white emulsion paint.

Ensure the panels are cut using a long sharp blade to avoid damage to the face of the panel. Care must be taken when cutting the edges of the panels as they are reinforced to create a more durable product. The cut edge should be lightly sanded. After sanding ensure the area is free from dust before painting. The core of the panel is very porous to paint and therefore may require more than one coat. However painting may not be necessary in areas where the cut edges are not seen.


EchoPro Ceiling acoustic panels are simply adhered to ceilings and upper walls using EchoGlue Contact spray  adhesive. It is important to check the construction detail of the backing surface structure (ceiling or wall) to which the acoustic panels are to be glued. The EchoPro Ceiling panels have a thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK at 10°C and therefore have good thermal insulation properties as well as excellent sound absorption. It is therefore important to ensure that there is no possibility of condensation or cold bridging occurring if the acoustic panels are applied to the surface of the structure. Should there be any potential for condensation or cold bridging, then it is very important that this problem is eliminated by suitable treatment, such as a vapour barrier etc, before the EchoPro Ceiling acoustic panels are installed. Failure to take suitable precautions may lead to staining of the acoustic panels due to air and moisture movement. This can potentially occur, for example, where there is no heated upper floor above the ceiling to which the acoustic panels are to be fitted. We will not be liable if these precautions are not taken and staining occurs.

Our spray contact adhesive is a quick spray-on application which comes ready to use in 500ml spray cans. The panels and adhesive must be kept and stored inside at room temperature at all times and acclimatised in the area where they are to be used for 24 hours before installation. The panels are adhered to the backing surface either with a butt joint effect or by using shadow gaps. To avoid soiling the panels, white cotton gloves should be worn when handling them.

The backing surface must be clean, flat, level, dry, solid and free from dust, oil, grease and other similar residue which may affect the adhesion. We recommend that the contact adhesive is applied at room temperature of approximately 21°C and in well ventilated conditions.

The contact adhesive has to be applied to both the panel and the ceiling surface in a web type pattern. The spray adhesive should be held 150mm to 300mm away from the surface and at a constant 90 degree angle. To avoid overspray onto the edges of the panel or other surfaces, it may be necessary to mask any vulnerable areas.

The panel and ceiling surfaces should be fully coated and then allowed to dry for 3-5 minutes before bonding the surfaces together. The panels should be placed accurately into position as the adhesive creates an immediate bond upon contact. Once the panel is in place it should be pressed firmly to ensure overall contact. We recommend a test adhesion is carried out to full satisfaction, before proceeding with the full installation. Coverage should be 100%. Each 500ml spray can covers approximately three panels on both surfaces, depending on workman and backing surface.

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

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