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GenieClip Ceiling Solution

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Top Rated Suspended Ceiling

Top Rated Suspended Ceiling

- The maximum performance suspended ceiling

- A very DIY-able Solution

- GenieClip direct to the ceiling - only 66mm Space loss

- Online calculator will work out your exact requirements

- Delivery direct to your door within 48 hours

Our GenieClip Ceiling Solutions:

Solution: Ceiling Depth Gain: Solution Airborne Performance: Typical Airborne Improvement: Typical Impact Improvement:
Solution:Remove Existing Ceiling Ceiling Depth Gain:66mm Airborne Performance:52 dB Airborne Improvement:21 dB Typical Impact Improvement:19 dB
Solution:Remove Existing Ceiling + SBx Upgrade Ceiling Depth Gain:64mm Airborne Performance:55 dB Airborne Improvement:24 dB Typical Impact Improvement:21 dB
Solution:Retain Existing Ceiling Ceiling Depth Gain:66mm Airborne Performance:56 dB Airborne Improvement:21 dB Typical Impact Improvement:19 dB
Solution:Retain Existing Ceiling + SBx Upgrade Ceiling Depth Gain:64mm Airborne Performance:59 dB Airborne Improvement:23 dB Typical Impact Improvement:21 dB

Why the GenieClip System?

When it comes to soundproofing a ceiling it is essential you consider the two parts that make up nuisance sound. They are impact and airborne sound.

The GenieClip ceiling is the best performing suspended ceiling system available from both an airborne and impact sound perspective. A suspended ceiling is where you are attaching the sound proof system to the existing joists.

In performance terms it is far superior to a resilient bar system and second only to a full independent ceiling. This extra performance derives from the much higher level of resilience that is manifest within the GenieClip structure, the vibration of sound transmission being absorbed better with rubber than with the metal of resilient bars. In effect the mass of the new soundproofing surface that you are adding is much better isolated than is the case with resilient bars.

See the GenieClip in action:

Product Application Advice

The GenieClip ceiling can be fitted either by retaining the original ceiling, or removing the existing ceiling plasterboards. 

We recommend you retain the existing ceiling if it is made of lathe and plaster due to its inherent soundproof qualities. Where you retain your existing ceiling 50mm easyfit slab is prescribed ( higher density wool will not fit). 

Where there is a single 12.5mm plasterboard you can remove this. Removing the existing ceiling is often desirable where ceiling height is an issue and you wish to maximise the amount of headroom. Where you remove the ceiling 100mm AMW60 will be prescribed.

SBx Board Upgrade

These boards are an excellent product designed to reduce the transmission of impact and airborne sound between two spaces. The product is our number one choice when trying to improve the soundproofing from noisy neighbours. SBx can be used for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings whether constructed from timber, steel or solid substrate, in new builds, conversions, remedial and refurbishment projects.

In general we believe that the SBX board will improve performance by around 8-10 db over and above the stated figures in the comparison table. There is also an improvement in impact sound performance as well.

Read more about the SBx Upgrade to find out exactly why we recommend it so highly. 

Simply select this option above to add these upgrades to your soundproofing solution.

Solution Installation

The GenieClip is screwed direct to joists in the same manner that a resilient bar ceiling would be and it houses "furring strips". To these furring strips plasterboard is screwed.     

The GenieClip system is a superior alternative to the conventional resilient bar system producing better performance from an impact and airborne sound perspective but also it is far less prone to fitting error. In fact its virtually impossible to fit incorrectly.

The GenieClip is a moulded rubber and steel isolation clip used to to control the passage of noise. It significantly improves low frequency sound control performance and this is often the hardest frequency to cope with. Of all the resilient solutions that fix direct to joist it offers the best performance.

It significantly improves low frequency sound control performance and this is often the hardest frequency to cope with. Of all the resilient solutions that fix direct to joist it offers the best performance.

Please note, that if you are installing this solution into a concrete ceiling, especially the SBx upgrade, then we advise you seek professional advice on using the correct anchoring method to allow for the significant weight of the soundproofing.

For more detailed installation instructions view the GenieClip Ceiling Instructions.

More information.....

We also stock the type LB3, the GenieClip which is fastened to the side of joists, and ceiling leveling LB2 clips. This means that you can get The GenieClip performance with virtually ZERO height loss. Click here for further information on the LB3 GenieClip.

For customers looking to insulate noisy pipes please see our acoustic pipe wrap.

If you are adding recessed spotlights in this ceiling you will need to add an acoustic fire retardant light hood to each light, otherwise your soundproofing efforts will be severely compromised due to the hole you have created.

These acoustic spotlight hoods can be purchased from our on-line store.

When soundproofing a ceiling it is necessary to improve three basic components.

1. The mass of the ceiling - This is normally achieved by adding acoustic plasterboard and high density products. The SBx upgrade achieves this with its increased mass.

2. The resilience of the ceiling - This is the springiness of the ceiling. Without this, the addition of the mass will have very little impact. The GenieClips are the best form of resilience we know of.

3. The sound "absorbency" of the ceiling - By adding different components the sound gets trapped more easily within the ceiling; here we prescribe the easfit slab.

The total performance which is normally quoted on most sites refers to the performance of an average ceiling with soundproofing materials added.

We also give an indication of performance uplift. Remember that every 10dB of performance uplift corresponds to roughly a 50% improvement in the performance of the ceiling. So 20dB would indicate a 75% improvement over and above the original ceiling. refers to dB improvement when we compare any of our systems. This we hope is an informative way of telling the customer what kind of improvement they will get when they add a soundproofing system. Many competitor sites offer products that will boast much higher numbers. Be aware these are often referring to a complete system which include the original ceiling or floor. This often leads to confusion when trying to compare systems. We are an independent site and as such will try to sell only the most effective solutions available on the market today.

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