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GenieClip LB2

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  • Market leading acoustic solution

  • Ideal for leveling up an uneven ceiling and easily creates service voids

  • Easy to install and world-class performance

The LB2 type fixing allows fine vertical adjustment, perfect where ceiling joists are not level, or a service void is required for HVAC, ducting, cabling, etc.

For those customers wanting to incorporate the highest performance materials into their soundproofing projects we introduce the GenieClip solution.

The GenieClip is an innovative Canadian product which, in our opinion, offers significantly better protection against transmission when compared to a resilient bar.

This system is very useful where you wish to level up an uneven ceiling or conversely you wish to drop the GenieClip system lower and allow room for services such as plumbing or electrics.

The GenieClip LB2 System

The LB2 represents a state-of-the-art solution engineered to excel in sound control across diverse construction environments such as multifamily housing, high-rises, and commercial structures. Constructed with a unibody molded rubber and steel composition, this resilient sound isolation clip stands out as a robust measure for attenuating noise transmission.

A notable attribute of the GenieClip LB2 is its elongated steel bracket, enhancing its versatility in application. Whether employed as a standalone system or in tandem with a GenieClip wall or ceiling system, it offers flexibility to address specific sound control needs. The extended bracket functions to either extend or diminish the profile space between the plasterboard layer and floor joists or wall studs, providing essential support at the wall termination of furring channels.

What distinguishes the GenieClip LB2 is its adaptability. Users can opt to orientate the furring strips either perpendicular or parallel to the joist direction, allowing for a high level of customization. Moreover, the LB2 accommodates a "hybrid" solution, permitting a combination of standard GenieClip RST clips and LB2 clips. This flexibility proves particularly valuable when dealing with challenges presented by unconventional ceilings or specifications for multilevel ceilings or bulkheads.

In contrast to alternative acoustic ceiling hangers like Isosonic brackets, the GenieClip LB2 excels in its fine-tuning capabilities. It facilitates precise adjustments, empowering users to establish accurate drop heights. This level of precision may pose challenges or be unattainable with other acoustic hanger systems, making the GenieClip LB2 the preferred choice for those in search of meticulous and effective sound control solutions in construction projects.


The GenieClip system is a superior alternative to the conventional resilient bar system producing better performance and is far less prone to fitting error. In fact its virtually impossible to fit incorrectly.

It significantly improves low frequency sound control performance and this is often the hardest frequency to cope with. Of all the resilient solutions that fix direct to joist it offers the best performance.

How it works

The GenieClip is a moulded rubber and steel isolation clip used to to control the passage of noise. The integral springing mechanism providing much more dampening than the corrugations of a resilient bar system. In fact performance numbers are superior even with a single layer of plasterboard potentially saving on materials cost and labour.

The GenieClip superior performance stems from the generous moulded rubber body that sits within a galvanised steel frame work offering exceptional isolation. The GenieClip can be successfully used as part of a regulation E system.

Alongside using the LB2 to reduce depth loss, you can also use it to act as an extender of the GenieClip system to allow services to be run between the joist and the ceiling. This is confined now to the depth of the furring strip (23mm).

Furring Strips

The Furring Strip is designed specifically to be used with the GenieClip to provide a system which is both economical and gives highly effective sound attenuation.

Please note that other Furring strips will not fit the GenieClip system.

See the GenieClip in action:

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If you are looking to buy them as part of a ceiling construction we recommend you go to the GenieClip ceiling systems. This page will contain an easy to use set of materials calculators and full fitting instructions for soundproofing a ceiling.

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If you're looking for a wall soundproofing solution then we would recommend the GenieClip wall systems. This page will contain an easy to use set of materials calculators and full fitting instructions for soundproofing a wall.

Looking for great alternative acoustic clip and bracket solutions?

Check out these alternatives soundproofing options:

GenieClip LB3 - Where high performance soundproofing is required but cannot afford the head height loss.

Type C Bracket - For projects where timber has been specified for counter battens and preventing sound transfer between surfaces is required.

Isosonic 45mm Bracket - Where metal (MF) sections are specified and a low cost/easy installation is needed.

Resilient Bars - For a reliable system that the delivers basic soundproofing performance levels.

Here are the main details for this product:

Dimensions: NA

Thickness: NA

Pack Size: 1 Clip

Weight: 47g+ per clip

Density: NA

Coverage: 0.33 sqm

Fire rating: NA

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Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Please contact our team if you have any questions on this product.

How many GenieClip LB2 do you need for your project?

We are still in process of building the solution calculator for the product.

Please contact our team to discuss your project so we can work out the exact number you will.

Instructions for use

The GenieClip is screwed direct to stud, working in the same manner as that of a resilient bar system, and it houses "furring strips". To these furring strips plasterboard is screwed.

Impossible to fit incorrectly, unlike the resilient bar:

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Check out our Soundproofing Guides for more information, advice and tips on all aspects of soundproofing.

Don’t forget your GenieClip Furring Strips!

Don’t forget your GenieClip Furring Strips!

These furring strips are specially designed for use with the GenieClip system, including the LB2 and LB3 systems. As the same GenieClip is used across the three systems the same furring strip can be used, keeping things nice and simple.

Please Note: Other furring strips will not fit the GenieClip system.

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