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Hush Panel 23

Original price £24.95 - Original price £24.95
Original price
£24.95 - £24.95
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  • Economical acoustic floating floorboard

  • To be used in new build developments with concrete floors

  • These 2.4m x 0.6m boards also come in a peel clean version

Hush Panel 23 has been designed as a thin overlay solution to reduce impact sound through concrete and other masonry structures.

Masonry constructions achieve good levels of airborne sound reduction due to their mass but will fail the impact performance criteria set out in the Building Regulations without a suitable acoustic floor deck. The Hush Panel 23 has been designed with this in mind. It is a thin and economical solution for achieving the impact regulations over masonry structures.

Excellent results are achieved in both refurbishment and new build projects when using Hush Panel 23 as part of a sound insulation system for separating floors.

Key features:

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Ideal for areas with limited room height
  • Used within refurbishment and new build projects to create a floating floor over concrete and timber floors
  • Exceeds current Building Regulation requirements of Part E (England and Wales), Part H (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland) when used as part of a recommended sound insulation system
  • Robust Details FFT5 compliant for floor structures EFC-1, EFC-2 and EFS-1.

Product Application

  • Can be laid over existing or new concrete and timber floors.
  • Comprises 18mm Moisture Resistant tongued and grooved MDF with 5mm HushfeltTM resilient layer
  • Overall Board Dimensions 2400mm x 600mm x 23mm
  • FFL over floor deck 21mm

Watch Hush's 30 second video on installation:

Please see our specific Hush Delivery Information page for full information on shipment of this product.

Tiling on Top of Overlay Systems

We advise you follow the guidance issued by the Tile Association in dealing with floating floors, which is:

  • Adhesives and grouts must be suitable for floating floors. There are various systems depending on the individual manufacturers detailing.
  • Proprietary tile boards or ply, can be overlaid to provide additional water tightness, and or stiffen the floating floor. These must be bonded.
  • Tiles should ideally be porcelain. We do not advise thick heavy tiles, such as marble, as they are more susceptible to fracture.
  • Tile format must be kept as small as possible (600 x 600mm max). We would advise 450mm x 450mm.

You should also speak to the adhesive manufacturer that is being used as they all have specific detailing to their own products.

Here are the main details for this product:

Dimensions: 0.6m x 2.4m

Thickness: 23mm

Pack Size: 1 Board

Weight: 20.88kg

Density: TBC

Coverage: 1.44 sqm

Fire rating: TBC

Thermal Conductivity:

View Product Information Guide

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Please contact our team if you have any questions on this product.

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Instructions for use

  • 1. Lay the Hush-Panel 23 Floating Flooring in a conventional broken bond pattern.
  • 2. Glue all teegee joints using Hush-Bond Panel Adhesive.
  • 3. Leave a 10-15mm expansion gap around all perimeters and press in Hush-Seal 20 Perimeter Seal ensuring that the floor floats freely of the walls maintaining acoustic isolation or perimeter detail as per Robust Detail instructions using Hush-RD Flanking Strip.

Watch the step-by-step guide to installing Hush Panels:

Note: Although the title references the Hush Panel 28, this video covers all of the Hush acoustic floor panel range.

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Check out our Soundproofing Guides for more information, advice and tips on all aspects of soundproofing.

Don’t forget your Hush Bond Panel Adhesive!

Don’t forget your Hush Bond Panel Adhesive!

It is important that all Hush Acoustics Floating Floors are installed using the Hush Bond Panel Adhesive as we have done extensive testing and research to develop the best adhesive for the panels and one we know will do the job.

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