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Recessed Acoustic Door Insulation Kit

Original price £69.95 - Original price £69.95
Original price
£69.95 - £69.95
Current price £69.95

  • Kit designed to be fitted to existing doors

  • Can be quickly installed by a joiner

  • Gives superior look to retro-fitted product

Can potentially provide over 30dB of protecting depending on quality of door, and surrounding sound insulation.

Doors are not just how you get into a room - they are often the main way that sound can get in too. This can be vibrational through the door frame, or airborne via the gap between the door and the floor.

A good solid door is always the first thing you should install if you haven't one in place already. It doesn't have to be an acoustic door, but anything solid is significantly better than a hollow core door. That still leaves the vibrational and airborne noise we mentioned earlier. And that is where our recessed acoustic door insulation kit comes in.

Our recessed acoustic door insulation kit allows you to protect against noise coming in through doorways. The seal around the doorframe creates a two part seal with the door when it is closed, reducing the airborne noise transfer. The graphite hinge pads prevent vibrational noise from being transferred to the rest of the building. The automatic drop seal is installed into the bottom of your door, and lowers when the door shuts up to 14mm - covering what is often the biggest source of sound entry in a room, almost invisibly.

The kit contains:
  • Recessed acoustic drop seal for bottom of door
  • Three 2.1m corner seals for the sides and top of doorframe
  • Pack of three graphite hinge pads

Product Application

Application options:

Pedestrian doorsets, single and double leaf configurations.

Length options:

730mm, 830mm, 930mm and 1030mm.

Trimming length:

100mm Side opposite plunger

Fixing type:

With preassembled self-tapping screws.

Plunger & adjustment type
  • Self-directing articulated metal plunger with nylon cap, adjustable with a 3 mm Allen wrench.
  • Nylon plunger for lock side operation, adjustable with a 3 mm Allen wrench.
  • Square section nylon plunger, adjustable with a 3 mm Allen wrench.
  • Steel plunger, adjustable with crosshead screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, and 6 mm spanner.

Here are the main details for this product:


Length Options:

Thickness: NA

Pack Size:

1 Kit

Weight: NA

Density: NA

Coverage: sqm

Fire rating: NA

Thermal Conductivity:

Please contact our team if you have any questions on this product.

Door Soundproofing Options

Whilst it can be tempting to put your attention into the walls, ceiling and floor, the door in your room is often the point of weakness in a project.

Check out our Door Soundproofing solutions to find the perfect option for your requirements.

Instructions for use

The drop seal should be cut down to size with a hacksaw only, on the side opposite the plunger - this can be done by as much as 100mm in necessary. A slot must then be routed along the bottom edge of the door - the drop seal can then be secured into the bottom of the door with the supplied screws.

The corner seals are fitted as illustrated above, into the corner of the door frame, on all three sides. Simply peel off the back tape, and apply pressure to fit.

The hinge pads are placed between the hinge and the doorframe if required.

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

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