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Safeway Walkway Tile

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  • Premium grade rubber tile

  • Designed specifically for roofs

  • Anti-slip & acoustically insulating 1010mm x 990mm tiles

Safety Walkway can be used to protect roofing membranes when positioning rooftop machinery and plant.

Soundstop Safeway commercial rubber walkway solutions are designed for use on maintenance routes and commercial walkways.

These are particularly relevant on roofs where protecting the underlying roof is paramount. The Tiles are designed to tolerate very high wind sheer speeds and are thus particularly suitable for exposed roofs.

The tiles which are interlocking are designed to be laid directly onto most surfaces such as single ply membranes, bituminous systems and liquid coatings. The tile is designed to have a porous surface with drainage channels on the underside to allow for free drainage on all walkway access areas, is UV resistant and performs well in extreme temperatures. Due to the recycled rubber granulate compound used in the manufacturing process, the Safeway Walkway is the ideal choice for specifiers and contractors for use in eco-friendly BREEAM projects.

Application of the tile is very simple, utilising plastic connecting pins to lock the tiles in place with minimal labour requirements, providing a cost effective access solution for the client.

The tiles are anti-slip, have excellent noise deadening achieving over 30dB reduction and thermal insulation properties. The product has a long life, performs well in extreme temperatures and has a critical fall height of 1m.

Rainwater drains quickly and efficiently through the product due to its porous nature. Drainage channels on the reverse of the tile then allows the water to flow underneath to outlets thereby eliminating the problem of standing water.

Industrial roof & plant solutions

Safeway Walkway Tiles are designed to be used on roofing areas to provide demarcation routes for access by maintenance engineers and they are designed to support lightweight plant up to 4 tonne per square meter with a deflection of 30%. The tiles are easy to mark for access, no go and hazardous areas to comply with health & Safety regulations.

Safeway Walkway is also available with a range of demarcation and safety signage. Each project can be individually styled to suit specific customer requirements. Standard signage includes directional arrows, hazard markings and edge demarcation. However, we can individualise any project to suit.

Roof Plant

Safety Walkway can be used to protect roofing membranes when positioning rooftop machinery and plant. The tile provide high acoustic values, good compressive strength and excellent vibration damping qualities.

Safeway Walkway - With Safety in Mind

The Safeway Walkway is an environmentally friendly product being fully recycled and recyclable. The tile can take stress loads such as plant and equipment and is not easily damaged. Future maintenance of waterproofing systems is simplified by unlocking the connecting pins and storing for reinstatement when maintenance has been completed. The tiles do not cause damage to lightweight systems and generally do not require reinforcement plates - subject to approval and confirmation of use. The tile is also available with a geotextile backing for use on pure PVC membranes.

Here are the main details for this product:

Dimensions: 1010mm x 990mm

Thickness: 30mm

Pack Size: 1 Tile

Weight: 25Kg per tile

Density: NA

Coverage: 0.99 sqm

Fire rating: B2

Thermal Conductivity:

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Please contact our team if you have any questions on this product.

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Instructions for use


Before installing tiles ensure the surface is level, free from dirt and grit, free draining and ready receive rubber tiles.

As with most tiling jobs begin laying the tiles in one corner of the area being tiled, make sure the pins are facing in the correct direction ready to go into the corresponding receiving holes, this will be facing out in the direction of installation. After the first row has been laid check the alignment is correct before continuing. Every second row must be laid in a brick-bond pattern leaving a half tile at each end.

This will result in an interlocking formation to maximize the overall bond.

The tiles can be cut with a low-speed jig-saw (medium sized teeth), handsaw or Stanley-knife. It is recommended a steel straight edge is used for best results. Keep the cutting blade cool with water where possible.

Exposed edges which may be subject to wind uplift can be adhered to the substrate using a suitable rubber adhesive.

Routine Cleaning

To remove loose dust, dirt or other foreign material, use a soft-bristled broom or a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner incorporates a mechanically drive brush, be sure that it is soft enough to avoid damaging the surface. To remove foreign material adhering to the surface such as dirt, moss, foods etc, scrub with a soft brush and water and rinse off with large amounts of water. Should residual material remain, scrub with a soft brush, warm water and highly diluted cleaning agent and again rinse off using large amounts of water.

High pressure spray cleaners can be used to clean the Safeway Walkway tiles. Always maintain a minimum of 30 cm between the spray nozzle and the surface cleaned to reduce impact pressure and also ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 80 degrees C. Following spray cleaning, remove all material washed out of the pores by washing with highly diluted cleaning agent and again rinsing with large amounts of water.

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

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