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SM20 Adhesive - Only for SM20 system

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  • High strength contact adhesive

  • Designed specifically for high load baring

  • 500ml Can only supplied with our SM20 panels

SM20 glue is a very high strength contact adhesive, designed specifically where high load baring ability is necessary. SM20 panels weigh 15kg each, so it is vital the correct adhesive is used.

Product Application

The following steps are a guide - please follow the exact instruction on the adhesive's packaging as they may vary from batch to batch.

  • Shake can thoroughly before use.
  • For best results, the ambient temperature should be 70°F/21°C and properly conditioned. Note at higher ambient temperatures the tack time of the adhesive is much faster.
  • We do not recommend fitting in temperatures above 82°F as fast tack times may result in poor bonding.
  • Ensure all surfaces to be bonded are free from dirt, oil, grease, dust, and any other material that may affect the bond.
  • If applicable, adjust the nozzle by turning to the largest spray pattern which is usually the third symbol to the right looking at the top of the can and near the base of the nozzle.
  • Hold the can 6 to 8 inches away from surface and apply in even coats making sure the adhesive 'webs' across the surface.
  • Take care not to use too much adhesive or you may run out before the end of the job.
  • Do not hold closer than 6 inches or 'wet' the surface. It is important a web pattern is obtained and at least 80% of the surface is covered.
  • Spray both the back of the SM20 panel, and the party wall. One surface should be sprayed in a vertical pattern and the other in a horizontal.
  • Do not concentrate in one spot or allow to puddle.
  • Once both surfaces have been coated, bond the SM20 panel directly to the wall with a firm, even pressure.
  • Tack time can vary depending on climate conditions and may well be shorter or none at all if it is warm
  • In warm conditions, the adhesive may go off before bonding commences if too much time is taken before bonding the two surfaces together. Don’t delay!
  • It is important that good pressure is applied to ensure a firm bond is obtained. A roller may help.
  • Although our adhesive is low odour, it is still advised that where the work is being conducted is well ventilated with a window open if possible.
  • A mask should be worn when spraying the adhesive.
  • The adhesive should be stored at room temperatures (15° - 21°C).
  • Occasionally, for various reasons, problems may be encountered bonding the product to the wall. When this occurs, mechanical fixings can be used in addition to the adhesive as follows:
  • If fixing to plasterboard faced timber stud, additional normal wire nails hammered well into the insulation so the heads are below the panel surface work well. In these cases use only sufficient nails to secure the insulation effectively.
  • When fixing to masonry walls nail guns can be used to fire nails through the insulation, or alternatively, masonry nails combined with battens can be used, but these must be removed when the adhesive has cured to allow a flush fit for the next layer.

See the SM20 being installed:

Please contact us for the safety data sheet, the technical data sheet and product certificates.

Here are the main details for this product:

Dimensions: 500ml

Thickness: NA

Pack Size: 1 Can

Weight: 15 oz

Density: NA

Coverage: 1.4 sqm

Fire rating: NA

Thermal Conductivity:

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Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

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