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Tecsound 50 Non-Adhesive Membrane

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  • Great for walls, floors, and ceilings

  • Market leading performance

  • 6.0m x 1.20m Highly dense flexible soundproofing layer

A very high performance acoustic membrane that improves both impact and airborne passage of sound.

Tecsound 50 is a very high performance acoustic membrane. It is non-adhesive, flexible and improves both impact and airborne passage of sound.

It is a high density polymer based synthetic mass loaded vinyl membrane providing excellent acoustic insulation in different construction elements. The product is fire resistant and self extinguishing.

Product Application

Tecsound 50 can be used on walls, floors and even ceilings. It comes in a self adhesive and non adhesive form. It can be used to make up high performance walls and is often used in combination with acoustic mineral wool, acoustic plasterboards and can be used with resilient bars.

On the floor it can be very effectively combined with our SBx board range and mineral wool to provide an excellent airborne and impact sound barrier to protect from noise from below. We also recommend the doubling up of Tecsound 50 mass loaded vinyl on the floors to create a density of 10kg/m2 for even more robust performance characteristics.

On the ceilings we recommend the use of the self adhesive Tecsound 50 to make application more straight forward.

Using an Under Floor Heating System?

You will need to ensure that all the soundproofing products are suitable for use with your specific system as performance differs between them. The Tecsound Acoustic Membrane has a thermal conductivity figure of 0.45 W/mK, please check it’s ok for use with your specific Under Floor Heating system before proceeding.


The performance of Tecsound 50 is truly impressive. In fact, it's performance is equivalent to lead of the same surface weight. The Tecsound 50 in a single layer boasts an Rw figure of over 25dB.

Because of its chemical make up, Tecsound has exceptional damping qualities for a mass loaded vinyl. It is these qualities that are normally absent from rigid plasterboard type constructions. This resilience means that it compares very favourably to the likes of green glue, as it not only provides great resilience but it also provides high mass.

The membrane has reinforcing scrim on one side; when applying to the floor this should be facing you. When applying to the wall it should also be facing you.

Other Tecsound Applications

As well as uses in soundproofing walls and soundproofing floors. Tecsound 50 has other applications; these include:

When added to light weight vibrating and resonating surfaces such as car doors, floor pans and bonnets, it greatly reduces vibration and the passage of sound through the surfaces. Also it reduces re-radiated sound. Its an ideal product for soundproofing engine bays in boats and other noisy engine rooms.

This mass loaded vinyl can be used very effectively below metal decks and roofs for damping the sound of rain.

In the industrial machinery sector it has been successfully used to reduce sound emanating from machine rooms and noisy equipment. Tecsound 50 is extensively used for creating sound proof booths and hence has been used in the music industry.

Here are the main details for this product:

Dimensions: 6.0m x 1.22m (+/- 2%)

Thickness: 2.6mm

Pack Size: 1 Roll

Weight: 5kg/m2

Density: NA

Coverage: 7.2 sqm

Fire rating: EN 13501-1 - B

Thermal Conductivity: 0.45 W/mK

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Please contact our team if you have any questions on this product.

Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Tecsound is utilised in a number of our wall, floor and ceiling solutions, head over to the relevant type to find out more:

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Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

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