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GenieClip LB2 Solution

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Uneven Joist Solution

Uneven Joist Solution

- Market leading acoustic solution

- Ideal for leveling up an uneven ceiling

- Easily creates service voids

- A very DIY-able Solution

- Delivery direct to your door within 48 hours

Why the LB2 GenieClip System?

The GenieClip LB2 is a cutting-edge product designed for superior sound control in various construction settings, including multifamily housing, high-rises, and commercial buildings. This resilient sound isolation clip features a unibody molded rubber and steel construction, making it a robust solution for mitigating noise transmission.

One of the standout features of the GenieClip LB2 is its extended steel bracket, which adds versatility to its application. It can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with a GenieClip wall or ceiling system, allowing for flexibility in addressing specific sound control requirements. The extended bracket serves to either extend or reduce the profile space between the plasterboard layer and floor joists or wall studs, providing support at the wall termination of furring channels.

What sets the GenieClip LB2 apart is its adaptability. Customers have the option to orientate the furring strips either perpendicular or parallel to the joist direction, offering a high degree of customization. Additionally, the LB2 supports a "hybrid" solution, allowing a combination of standard GenieClip RST clips and LB2 clips. This flexibility proves valuable in overcoming challenges posed by "awkward" ceilings or specifications for multilevel ceilings or bulkheads.

In comparison to other acoustic ceiling hangers like Isosonic brackets, the GenieClip LB2 stands out for its fine-tuning capabilities. It allows for precise adjustments, enabling users to create accurate drop heights. This level of fine-tuning may be challenging or impossible to achieve with other acoustic hanger systems, making the GenieClip LB2 a preferred choice for those seeking precise and effective sound control solutions in construction projects.

See how the GenieClip works:

Soundproofing Solutions Incorporating The GenieClip

If you are looking to buy them as part of a ceiling construction we recommend you go to the GenieClip ceiling systems. This page will contain an easy to use set of materials calculators and full fitting instructions for soundproofing a ceiling.

If your looking for a wall soundproofing solution then we would recommend the GenieClip wall systems. This page will contain an easy to use set of materials calculators and full fitting instructions for soundproofing a ceiling.

And we have a full video guide on how to fit a GenieClip LB3 system with the SBx upgrade.

For an idea of how many GenieClip you will need you can use the calculator at the top of the page. However, with this type of clip we are unable to give you accurate quantities as the joist centres in every property vary. We recommend that you fasten to the side of each joist with a centre of 1.2m apart per clip.

For more detailed installation instructions view the GenieClip LB2 Ceiling Instructions.

Please note…..

We can offer an estimated requirement with the following calculator but bear in mind that joist spacings can vary and hence this is an estimation only.

If you wish to buy just the GenieClip alone please be aware that you will need to buy the bespoke furring strip as well. Other metal sections do not fit this product.

SBx Board Upgrade

These boards are an excellent product designed to reduce the transmission of impact and airborne sound between two spaces. The product is our number one choice when trying to improve the soundproofing from noisy neighbours. SBx can be used for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings whether constructed from timber, steel or solid substrate, in new builds, conversions, remedial and refurbishment projects.

In general we believe that the SBX board will improve performance above the stated figures above, whilst there is also an improvement in impact sound performance as well.

Read more about the SBx Upgrade to find out exactly why we recommend it so highly. 

Simply select this option above to add these upgrades to your soundproofing solution.

More information.....

For those customers wanting to incorporate the highest performance materials into their soundproofing projects we introduce the GenieClip solution. The GenieClip is a very high performance solution that provides the best single component we know of when soundproofing a ceiling. The clip itself outperforms a resilient bar by around 7 db, an impressive amount.

The GenieClip is screwed direct to joist working in the same manner that a resilient bar ceiling would, and it houses the "furring strips". To these furring strips plasterboard is attached using screws.

The GenieClip system is a superior alternative to the conventional resilient bar system producing better performance and is far less prone to fitting error. In fact its virtually impossible to fit incorrectly.

The GenieClip is a moulded rubber and steel isolation clip used to to control the passage of noise. The integral springing mechanism providing much more dampening than the corrugations of a resilient bar system. In fact performance figures are superior even with a single layer of plasterboard, potentially saving on materials cost and labour.

If you are adding recessed spotlights in this ceiling you will need to add an acoustic fire retardant light hood to each light, otherwise your soundproofing efforts will be severely compromised due to the hole you have created.

These acoustic spotlight hoods can be purchased from our on-line store.

When soundproofing a ceiling it is necessary to improve three basic components.

1. The mass of the ceiling - This is normally achieved by adding acoustic plasterboard and high density products. The SBx upgrade achieves this with its increased mass.

2. The resilience of the ceiling - This is the springiness of the ceiling. Without this, the addition of the mass will have very little impact. The GenieClips are the best form of resilience we know of.

3. The sound "absorbency" of the ceiling - By adding different components the sound gets trapped more easily within the ceiling; here we prescribe the easfit slab.

The total performance which is normally quoted on most sites refers to the performance of an average ceiling with soundproofing materials added.

We also give an indication of performance uplift. Remember that every 10dB of performance uplift corresponds to roughly a 50% improvement in the performance of the ceiling. So 20dB would indicate a 75% improvement over and above the original ceiling. refers to dB improvement when we compare any of our systems. This we hope is an informative way of telling the customer what kind of improvement they will get when they add a soundproofing system. Many competitor sites offer products that will boast much higher numbers. Be aware these are often referring to a complete system which include the original ceiling or floor. This often leads to confusion when trying to compare systems. We are an independent site and as such will try to sell only the most effective solutions available on the market today.

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