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Tecsound Tube S Water Pipe Wrap

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  • 8m x 0.4m Highly dense flexible soundproofing layer

  • Designed to acoustically insulate wastewater piping systems

  • Market leading performance

A very high performance acoustic pipe wrap that increases acoustic insulation by 15dB.

Tecsound Tube is a very high performance acoustic pipe wrap. Its primary function for use in effective wastewater pipe sound proofing. It consists of an upper-face consisting of Tecsound, a synthetic and viscoelastic, polymer based, bitumen-free high density membrane, and a lower-face with a non-woven polyester fleece.

It increases the acoustic insulation of the pipe by around 15db. This high performance is due mainly to the inclusion of highly absorbent Tecsound and high density membrane.

Product Application

The Tecsound Tube can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • As acoustic insulation of water, rain and drain pipes in buildings.
  • As high sound insulation of pipes, with the combined effect of an absorbing and a sound-insulating viscoelastic material.
  • In the reduction of the transmission of vibrations in pipes, caused by drainage of liquids, to the structure (transmission of structural noise), as well as contact noise in bends.

The Tecsound Tube is flexible and adaptable to all types of piping (round or square) and their connections. It ensures the continuity of insulation so eliminating the need for specific pieces for bends and connections.

Other benefits of the Tecsound Tube include:

  • Good behaviour at low temperatures, without breaking or cracking
  • Easy to handle and cut
  • Simple installation thanks to low thickness
  • Suitable for renovation
  • Ageing resistance
  • Rot resistant

Here are the main details for this product:

Dimensions: 8m x 0.4m (+/- 2%)

Thickness: 4.75mm

Pack Size: 1 Roll

Weight: 3.75kg/m2 (Roll weight 12kg)

Density: NA

Coverage: 3.2 sqm

Fire rating: M1

Thermal Conductivity:

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Please contact our team if you have any questions on this product.

Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Tecsound is utilised in a number of our wall, floor and ceiling solutions, head over to the relevant type to find out more:

Wall Solutions

Floor Solutions

Ceiling Solutions

General Installation

Measure the circumference of the pipe and add 50 mm for the overlap and cut to the desired length. It is recommended to cut strips smaller than 1.0-1.2m to facilitate handling.

Wrap the product around the pipe so that the polyester fleece touches the entire surface and overlaps in the longitudinal direction. Start at the bottom of the pipe and work your way up. Do not overlap the transverse joints (only butt joint), but connect tightly to avoid gaps. Secure the strips with cable ties every 30-40 cm. Ideally the overlaps should be sealed with an aluminium backed foil tape.

Where the pipe is boxed in, ideally use a double layer of plasterboard to finish, filling the void where possible with mineral wool.

The acoustic improvement of the pipe wrap is c15 db.

Visit our Fitting Instructions section for more detailed instructions relating to your specific application.

Check out our Soundproofing Guides for more information, advice and tips on all aspects of soundproofing.