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Compare our Ceiling Soundproofing Solutions

Explore the our ceiling solution to achieve your soundproofing requirements

Quickly compare our Ceiling Soundproofing Solutions to find the solution that will deliver the performance you need. Discover our cutting-edge soundproofing options designed to transform your space into a haven by eliminating unwanted noise. Compare the depth gain, impact, and airborne performance of each solution to find the ideal fit for your soundproofing requirements.

Ceiling Solutions Performance Breakdown:

Solution: Ceiling Depth Gain: Solution Airborne Performance: Typical Airborne Improvement: Typical Impact Improvement: Installation:
Solution:GenieClip Ceiling Solution Ceiling Depth Gain:64 - 66mm Airborne Performance:52 - 59 dB Airborne Improvement:21 - 24 dB Impact Improvement:19 - 21 dB Installation:Intermediate
Solution:GenieClip LB2 Solution Ceiling Depth Gain:22 - 88mm Airborne Performance:55 dB Airborne Improvement:21 - 24 dB Impact Improvement:19 - 21 dB Installation:Intermediate
Solution:GenieClip LB3 Solution Ceiling Depth Gain:26 - 28mm Airborne Performance:55 dB Airborne Improvement:21 - 24 dB Impact Improvement:19 - 21 dB Installation:Intermediate
Solution:Acoustic Hanger and Bracket Solution Ceiling Depth Gain:37 - 167mm Airborne Performance:46 - 51 dB Airborne Improvement:18 - 20 dB Impact Improvement:16 - 19 dB Installation:Expert
Solution:Resilient Bar Ceiling Solution Ceiling Depth Gain:39 - 50mm Airborne Performance:43 - 48 dB Airborne Improvement:14 - 19 dB Impact Improvement:13 - 15 dB Installation:Expert
Solution:Independent Ceiling Solution Ceiling Depth Gain:40 - 49mm Airborne Performance:59 - 63 dB Airborne Improvement:24 - 29 d Impact Improvement:24 dB + Installation:Expert

A Quick Guide to our Ceiling Solutions

Use our quick guide below to find out key information on each of our ceiling soundproofing solutions, like where they should be used, what settings they are best for and who will be able to install them.

What to Think about when choosing a Ceiling Soundproofing Solution?

When choosing a ceiling soundproofing solution, it's crucial to contemplate the specific material required for the desired level of soundproofing. For instance, acoustic boards effectively reduce airborne noise, while GenieClip, Resilient Bars, and Acoustic Hanger systems are ideal for minimising impact sound from above.

Room size and the desired soundproofing level also influence the selection process. Meticulous planning is essential to consider the existing ceiling structure and material. Evaluate overall solution and installation costs, which can vary, especially if professional installation is chosen.

In commercial and industrial settings, potential health risks associated with materials should be carefully considered in the decision-making process.

What are the Advantages of our Ceiling Soundproofing Solutions

Enhance your space with ceiling soundproofing, an effective solution to minimise unwanted noise between rooms or from external sources. It curtails sound transmission within multi-level homes, dampens noises from appliances like washing machines, and fosters a quieter environment. 

In commercial settings, it mitigates echoes, enhancing sound quality, ensures added privacy, and reduces distractions. Moreover, soundproofing contributes to energy efficiency by preventing heat loss through the ceiling.

Our diverse ceiling solutions, including GenieClip Ceilings, Acoustic Hangers, and Resilient Bars, offer unique advantages and varied performance levels to cater to your specific needs and budget. Elevate your surroundings by embracing the numerous benefits of soundproof ceilings, an ideal upgrade for homes and workplaces.

Browse our Ceiling Soundproofing Product Ranges:

Our selection of ceiling soundproofing products is comprehensive and covers various acoustic needs, including acoustic ceiling panels, membranes, and top-notch clip systems.

Not Sure where to begin?

How to Soundproof a Ceiling

How to Soundproof a Ceiling

Find out what the important factors to consider are and the best type of soundproofing for your requirements with our quick guide. Getting to grips with these basics of ceiling soundproofing will ensure your project is a success.

Our guide covers areas like the difference between impact and airborne noises and if you need to treat above the floor rather than the ceiling below, whilst also looking at the different ceiling system types. If you’re new to soundproofing then we highly recommend reading the guide to get up speed on ceiling soundproofing before starting your project.

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