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Compare our Wall Soundproofing Solutions

Find the perfect wall solution for your soundproofing requirements

Welcome to SoundStop's Wall Soundproofing Solutions comparison page, where you can explore our range of cutting-edge soundproofing options designed to transform your space into a peaceful haven and bid farewell to unwanted noise. Discover the ideal solution for your soundproofing requirements by comparing the depth gain and airborne performance of each solution. 

Wall Solutions Performance Breakdown:

Solution: Wall Depth Gain: Solution Airborne Performance: Typical Airborne Improvement: Installation:
Solution:SM20 Wall Solution Wall Depth Gain:43 - 45mm Airborne Performance:56 - 61 dB Airborne Improvement:16 - 20 dB Installation:Intermediate
Solution:GenieClip with Stud Wall Solution Wall Depth Gain:124 - 185mm Airborne Performance:64 - 74 dB Airborne Improvement:26 - 35 dB Installation:Expert
Solution:GenieClip Direct to Wall Solution Wall Depth Gain:64 - 69mm Airborne Performance:51 - 56 dB Airborne Improvement:13 - 18 dB Installation:Intermediate
Solution:Independent Stud Wall Solution Wall Depth Gain:108 - 160mm Airborne Performance:59 - 66 dB Airborne Improvement:22 - 32 dB Installation:Expert
Solution:Upgrading a Stud Wall Solution Wall Depth Gain:26 - 38mm Airborne Performance:44 - 56 dB Airborne Improvement:13 - 25 dB Installation:Intermediate
Solution:Ultra Slim Wall Solution Wall Depth Gain:19 - 29mm Airborne Performance:12 - 14 dB Airborne Improvement:10 - 14 dB Installation:Intermediate

A Quick Guide to our Wall Solutions

Use our quick guide below to find out key information on each of our wall soundproofing solutions, like where they should be used, what settings they are best for and who will be able to install them.

GenieClip Direct to Wall Solution

Offering exceptional soundproofing for various applications, making it an ideal choice for residential or commercial spaces. Its innovative design minimises sound transmission, providing optimal acoustic performance. This solution is particularly beneficial when a direct-to-wall installation is preferred or necessary due to space constraints. Whether for home theatres, offices, or recording studios, the GenieClip Direct to Wall Solution is a high perfomance cost effective solution.

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Independent Stud Wall Solution

This solution is a versatile and cost effective acoustic solution, ideal for those with limited budget who don't need top end performance. This system excels in reducing noise transmission between rooms, making it perfect for residential or commercial applications. Its design allows for customised installation, providing flexibility to address specific project requirements. Whether creating a quiet home office or a sound-isolated studio, the Independent Stud Wall Solution ensures optimal acoustic performance.

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Ultra Slim Wall Solution

Experience great soundproofing even in the tightest of areas with our Ultra Slim Wall Solution. Tailored for spaces with limited room like stairwells or architraves. Ideal for residential or commercial settings where space optimisation is crucial, this solution offers impressive noise reduction while maintaining a sleek profile at just 19-29mm thickness. Perfect for projects where maintaining a slim aesthetic is essential, such as modern offices or compact living spaces.

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How to Choose a Wall Soundproofing Solutions?

When selecting a wall soundproofing solution, it's crucial to weigh several factors. Start by assessing the level of sound reduction required and identifying the soundproofing material that aligns with your needs. For robust soundproofing, the GenieClip system paired with Tecsound and SBX board upgrade is optimal.

Additionally, factor in the thickness of the soundproofing material. While high-performance options may occupy more space, they offer superior sound insulation. For instance, our Ultra Slim Wall Solution, at 19-29mm, achieves 12-14dB, while the GenieClip with Stud Wall Solution, at 124-185mm, boasts an impressive 64-74dB.

Consider installation costs, as some solutions necessitate professional expertise, while others, like our DIY-friendly SM20 Wall Panel Solution, can be tackled by a confident DIYer proficient in tasks such as measurement, cutting, gluing, and lifting.

Lastly, factor in the aesthetic finish of the chosen soundproofing material, recognising that visual aesthetics vary depending on the approach and materials chosen. By carefully considering these aspects, you can confidently select the ideal wall soundproofing solution for your unique requirements.

What are the Advantages of our Wall Soundproofing Solutions?

Enhancing comfort and safety in any setting, our wall soundproofing solutions offer a myriad of benefits. Effectively minimising both external and internal noise, they create a serene environment conducive to peace and tranquility.

This proves particularly advantageous in mitigating distractions, fostering a more comfortable atmosphere, and promoting better sleep quality. Moreover, it serves as a preventive measure against potential health issues linked to prolonged exposure to loud noises, such as hearing loss.

Whether dealing with the bass of loud music, disruptive movies, or the noise of machinery and hobbies, our soundproofing solutions adeptly diminish their impact on various wall types.

Applicable in both residential and commercial spaces, wall soundproofing yields diverse advantages, ranging from enhanced acoustics to heightened privacy. Discover the perfect soundproofing solution tailored to your needs, making the quest for tranquility effortlessly attainable.

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We offer an extensive range of wall soundproofing products covering most acoustic requirements, from acoustic wall panels and membranes to specialists clip systems.

Not Sure where to begin?

How to Soundproof a Wall

How to Soundproof a Wall

Understanding the basics of soundproofing walls will help you choose the best solution for your requirements and budget. Read our ‘how to soundproof a wall’ guide to get up to speed on soundproofing walls.

From understanding the science behind soundproofing, to exploring the different materials available, this guide is essential for homeowners looking to create a peaceful environment. With step-by-step instructions and helpful tips, you can create a soundproofed wall tailored to your needs.

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