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Wall Soundproofing

A Video Guide To Wall Soundproofing

When it comes to soundproofing your walls the choices fall into two broad categories. Solutions that are stick on and therefore slim line solutions and those that involve creating a stud structure. In performance terms the latter provide greater protection in general but at the loss of more room space.

You can either;
(1) jump straight into the ceiling soundproofing solutions by looking at "Our Solutions" on the right hand side of this page, or
(2) we can help you choose which type is most suitable for you by following the steps below.

What's best for you?

Decide how much room space you can afford to lose. The stick on solutions are around 50mm ( 2 inches) thick. In general they are a little easier to install, very much a DIY job as they involve cutting and gluing skills.
The independent walls involve the erection of a stud structure which can be done in wood or metal, while being more labour intensive and more space consuming they do offer better acoustic protection

Next click on the button below to compare our solutions

Each wall soundproofing solution page we offer also has a comparison table associated with it. This is designed to show each solution compares in terms of performance, labour intensity,cost and amount of space lost when using that solution. You can click on the table below to jump straight into the action of you can go to the next step.

Step 1

Step 1


Each of our wall soundproofing solutions has a solution calculator associated with it you will see a small blue calculator icon. These calculators are designed to allow you to work out the cost of the materials delivered direct to your door.Look for the blue icon

Now just click here to go to a comparison table of all the solutions we offer. Remember the table is interactive and will lead you to a more detailed description of each solution. Or you can click on any images on the left of the page to go straight to the relevant page.

Our Solutions

A high performance stick on solution that will give extra soundproofing protection. The heavy duty rubber panels are simply stuck to the existing wall and overlaid with acoustic plasterboard. A very DIYable solution. The thickness of this solution is just 50mm ( 2 inches)

This top of the range solution combines award winning Genie clip technology with an independent wall system to give a very high degree of soundproofing protection, while still keeping the overall solution relatively slim line. This solution can easily be undertaken by a competent DIyer or any builder or joiner.

For those who cant afford the space yet still want Genie clip technology this system to give a vgood degree of soundproofing protection, while still keeping the overall solution slim line. This solution can easily be undertaken by a competent DIYer

Where loss of space is less of an issue the independent stud wall soundproofing system will provide an excellent degree of acoustic protection, materials cost for this solution are also relatively low. Installation of this system is achievable by any competent DIYer or tradesman ....READ MORE

This solution is aimed at customers wishing to upgrade an existing stud wall that may have little or no soundproofing qualities. Slim line and simple to fit internal stud structures will gain a high degree of acoustic privacy ....READ MORE