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Compare our Floor Soundproofing Solutions 

Discover the ideal flooring solution that meets your soundproofing needs

Welcome to our Floor Soundproofing Solutions comparison, where innovation meets tranquility. Explore our state-of-the-art soundproofing options crafted to turn your space into a serene retreat, banishing unwanted noise. Compare the depth gain, impact, and airborne performance of each solution to discover the perfect fit for your soundproofing needs.

Floor Solutions Performance Breakdown:

Solution: Floor Depth Gain: Solution Airborne Performance: Typical Airborne Improvement: Typical Impact Improvement: Installation:
Solution:SBX Floor Solution Floor Depth Gain:15 - 20mm Airborne Performance:43 - 54 dB Airborne Improvement:16 - 20 dB Impact Improvement:19 - 24 dB Installation:Casual
Solution:Absorbalay High Impact Solution Floor Depth Gain:15 - 20mm Airborne Performance:48 - 64 dB Airborne Improvement:7 - 24 dB Impact Improvement:32 - 35 dB Installation:Casual
Solution:Soundproofing Underlay Solution Floor Depth Gain:2 - 11mm Airborne Performance:20 - 52 dB Airborne Improvement:3 - 13 dB Impact Improvement:20 - 26 dB Installation:Casual
Solution:Floating Floor Solution Floor Depth Gain:17 - 37mm Airborne Performance:55 - 60 dB Airborne Improvement:55 - 60 dB Impact Improvement:NA Installation:Casual
Solution:Below Floor Soundproofing Solution Floor Depth Gain:No Depth Gain Airborne Performance:50 - 57 dB Airborne Improvement:13 - 19 dB Impact Improvement:3 dB Installation:Expert
Solution:SIF Floor Hanger Solution Floor Depth Gain:7mm Airborne Performance:53 dB Airborne Improvement:17 dB Impact Improvement:15 dB Installation:Expert

A Quick Guide to our Floor Solutions

Use our quick guide below to find out key information on each of our floor soundproofing solutions, like where they should be used, what settings they are best for and who will be able to install them.

SIF Floor Hanger Solution

Experience superior soundproofing with our SIF Floor Hanger Solution, perfect for spaces requiring exceptional noise reduction. Ideal for those looking to retain original floorboards, it minimises impact and airborne noise effectively. This solution is ideal for both residential and commercial applications, especially when addressing noise issues in floors. Whether upgrading existing structures or implementing new construction, the SIF Floor Hanger Solution ensures a quieter environment.

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How to Select a Floor Soundproofing Solution?

Choosing the right floor soundproofing involves considering key factors like soundproofing material, available space, floor type, costs, and installation. Tailor your choice based on your specific floor type, understanding that different floors may require unique materials and installation techniques.

Ensure the chosen soundproofing material is fireproof, water-resistant, and durable. Factor in the overall cost, installation requirements, and the availability of professional installation services.

From our zero-space-loss Below Floorboards solution to easy-install underlays and advanced Hush and Monarfloor floating floor systems, we offer solutions for diverse requirements.

What are the Advantages of our Floor Soundproofing Solutions?

Our floor soundproofing solutions bring numerous advantages to both residential and commercial settings.

In multi-level homes or for those generating higher noise levels, soundproofing proves highly beneficial by reducing the transmission of noise between floors. In commercial environments, it enhances building acoustics, fostering a distraction-free work atmosphere and minimising noise pollution. Additionally, soundproofing contributes to energy efficiency by preventing heat loss through the floorboards.

With diverse solutions like SBX Floor Panels, Absorbalay High Impact Solution, Acoustic Underlays, Floating Floor Solutions, and Underfloor Hangers, offering unique benefits and performance levels, soundproofing can be customised to meet varied needs and budgets. Ultimately, floor soundproofing delivers a range of benefits, making it an ideal choice for enhancing home or business environments.

Browse our Floor Soundproofing Product Ranges:

Our selection of floor soundproofing products is extensive, providing solutions for a variety of acoustic needs, from acoustic floor panels and underlays to complex floating floor systems.

Not Sure where to begin?

How to Soundproof a Floor

How to Soundproof a Floor

Knowing how floor soundproofing works will help you select the right solution for your requirement and budget. Check out our 'how to soundproof a floor' guide to get insight on soundproofing floors.

From understanding the difference between impact and airborne noises, to working out if you need just above floor soundproofing, between the floor soundproofing, or a combination. 

It’s advised that homeowners wishing to create a tranquil atmosphere read our guide before making any decisions. With step-by-step instructions and helpful tips, it will give you the knowledge to confidently tackle your noise issues.

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