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Get the most out of your Soundproofing with these High Performance Boards

The SBx Upgrade

The SBX board is an innovative German design that offers customers a chance to further improve their soundproofing with introduction of "intelligent mass”.

The SBX board is a fine silica filled board that works more effectively than just simply adding more mass to the ceiling. Conventional wisdom states that as you increase the mass of the dividing structure you improve the soundproofing.

However, simply adding more mass runs into the law of diminishing returns. The beauty of the SBx board is that the material in the core is loose and arranged in an irregular fashion. This irregularity and looseness disrupts the passage of sound more effectively than the dead mass of plaster board.

This unique design is reflected in superior sound transference performance the sbx board boasting around 7-8 db improvement over regular plasterboard within a typical soundproofing solution. Achieving this kind of improvement over a regular ceiling is not possible with plasterboard alone.

Disrupting the resonant frequency of a wall ceiling or floor

The SBx board is only 15mm thick and has the equivalent airborne sound insulation of a simple stud wall in dry construction. The performance is achieved due to the unique nature of the board construction with loose grains of sand in the board oscillating when stuck by sound energy creating microscopically small vibrations. 

Acoustic energy is thus converted to kinetic energy and dissipated in the board itself. It is important to understand that this is the performance of the board in isolation. When adding to a system like any other product the improvement will be much less.

This graph shows the airborne sound insulation of a 15 mm panel for the individual frequencies. The measurement was performed in a door test.

The airborne sound insulation as a single value is Rw = 36 dB. To give a guide to this the human ear would discern a 10 db fall as a halving of the sound it hears. 20dB would in theory cut the original sound by 75% ad 30 db by 82.5%.

The unique design of the SBx board means that it performance well at low frequency where other sound proofing often falls short. At this coincidence dip point, as it is known, the SBx returns an impressive 20 dB sound reduction. 

The upgrade is simple. We simply substitute in our calculator inner layer of plasterboard for a layer of SBx boards. Remember that these boards are sand filled and heavy. Cutting and fitting instructions can be found on the link below. We also provide a little more technical detail on the results we hope that you would attain in the paragraphs below.

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Phonestar SBx Boards - 15mm

Phonestar SBx Boards - 15mm

SBx can be used for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings whether constructed from timber, steel or solid substrate, in new builds, conversions, remedial and refurbishment projects.

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